Alienware Teases an 18-Inch Gaming Laptop Ahead of CES 2023

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Alienware is expected to show its presence at the upcoming CES 2023 tradeshow to launch a slew of products and the company has now hinted at one. A teaser has been dropped, announcing the arrival of an 18-inch gaming laptop, which would be a first for Alienware in years. Here’s what to expect.

Alienware’s 18-inch Gaming Laptop Coming Soon’

Alienware has released a short teaser video, which confirms the launch of an 18-inch gaming laptop, touted to be the ‘most powerful laptop yet.

The tease video shows a huge product (the laptop, of course) landing and leaving an impression on the grass that reads ’18.’ However, except for the laptop being a ‘Performance Juggernaut,‘ there’s no word on its details.

The last time Alienware launched a gaming laptop with a huge display was the Alienware 18 (in real, its a 17.3-inch laptop), back in 2015. The laptop came with two GPUs and an upgradable CPU. Since then, Dell’s Alienware laptops have only gone up to 17-inch screen size.

We can expect some powerful specs for the upcoming 18-inch laptop too. The laptop will pack the latest and could come with gaming-focused features, a possible 4K display with a high refresh rate, enhanced cooling system, and more. It is of course, expected to fall in the premium price range.

Alienware is expected to release proper details during CES 2023, which is set to commence on January 5 and will go on until January 8. More laptops are expected during its showcase and if you are awaiting the new Alienware hardware, don’t forget to tune in. Also, do share your thoughts on the company’s upcoming 18-inch gaming laptop in the comments below.

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