Agiliq, A Reputed Web Development Studio of India

Agiliq has been working with web development companies as technology partners and developing Web Apps since the year 2009 and with in a short span of 3 years it has earned a reputation of one of the leading web development studio in India.

Though a lot of competition is there in Web Development sector but Agiliq stands out because it is using the best tools available today and build apps which fit your business needs exactly.

Agiliq have a team of 12 intelligent, talented and highly dedicated people with lots of experience, who love designing and developing websites.

Agiliq, A Reputed Web Development Studio of India

Agiliq work on widely used platforms for web development such as Python, Django, Jquery, Mysql and Postgresql.

Core specialties of Agiliq

iPhone and Android Application development using Phonegap.

Product launched by Agiliq

Job Boards Hq — Job Board Software lets you launch an easy-to-use advanced Job Board, while providing the key features to generate revenue and be successful in the competitive job board market. JobBoardsHQ is scalable and fully customizable solution to meet your unique Job Board requirements.

Clients of Agiliq

Agiliq have clients in 5 continents, here are links to some of them,,, Clients with whom Agiliq have worked till now are happy with their work. Here’s what they say for them,

” The Agiliq team did a superb job of executing the development of the BuzzVote website on schedule and budget.”, Bruce Spector, Buzzvote, LLC.

Click here to reach Agiliq’s official website. Also you can find all open source code of Agiliq here.

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