Check Out This 24k Gold Plated Galaxy S20 That Costs Around 4 Lakh Rupees

Galaxy s20 gold feat.

Yes, luxury smartphones are a thing now! Until now, it was a thing for iPhones, as many luxury design companies pick up the latest iPhones and modify it with premium materials like gold, diamonds, titanium and what not. Now, its time for Samsung to enter this category, as a company made a 24k gold plated Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

A London-based luxury design company, Goldgenie, has recently launched a customised version of the Galaxy S20 series. The company took the Samsung devices and covered them with 24k gold! The gold plating covers almost the whole device including the full back panel and the chassis. The only parts that do not have gold on them are the display (obviously) and the camera module.

The company is offering a customised version of every S20 device in the line-up including the 5G variant of the S20 Ultra. The starting price for the gold plated standard Galaxy S20 is £3,397 (~$4,385). This base price rises by £200 (~$258) once you start to go up the line-up. This means the Galaxy S20+ will come for £3,597 (~$4,643) and the S20 Ultra will be £3,797 (~$4,901). Now, if you want the 5G variant of the S20 Ultra, the price will rise by £100 (~$129), that makes it £3,897 (~$5,031).

So, if you are a gold person and have a lot of stacked cash lying around in your house, then you should certainly get one for yourself or your loved one (that’s me, right?). It will even come inside a special box, which looks like it is made from leather, with a certificate of authenticity. The company is currently accepting pre-orders on its official website. The company will be shipping the devices at the end of this month.


Apart from offering a fully-customised device, the company also offers gold plating on existing Galaxy S20 devices. So, if you are rocking an S20 device right now and want to flaunt the gold, head here.

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