Zenless Zone Zero: 7 Early Game Combat Tips You Must Know

In Short
  • Zenless Zone Zero's combat is highly impactful and butter smooth in execution.
  • The combat system is very different from Genshin Impact, the popular Hoyoverse game, and can confuse new players at first.
  • Every character in ZZZ has a different playstyle, role in a team, and combos.

Zenless Zone Zero has finally been released and the Action RPG features one of the best combat systems on the market. The combat system of Zenless Zone Zero can be confusing for new players, as the combat depends a lot on correct combos, which is very different from Genshin Impact. To get you up to speed with Zenless Zone Zero, here are 7 early game combat tips and tricks that will get the best out of each of your characters.

1. Learn Combos from Agent Exercise

Every character in Zenless Zone Zero has different combos, and correctly performing them is the only way to get the best out of the agent’s kit. One way to learn the combos is by reading the Ability descriptions of the Agents, which is quite a lot of work. The easiest way to learn the combos is by using the VR device and taking on the Agent Exercises.

In the VR device, the game will tell you the combo patterns of the agent you chose, and you can give it a trial right then and there, making the learning process a lot more intuitive. The VR device unlocks early on by progressing the Story mission and can be used from the player’s home.

2. Focus on Building Enemy Daze

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Every enemy in Zenless Zone Zero has a Daze meter, which is basically a stagger meter. The Daze meter increases based on the hits the enemy receives, and once full it becomes the agents can perform a chain attack. After the Chain Attack finishes, the enemy cannot move and takes increased damage.

This is the best way to DPS down bosses and other elite enemies in the game. To build up Daze quickly, you need to use Impact Agents and Defensive Assists with them, which further increases the Daze buildup on enemies. Certain Bangboos and Drive Discs also increase Impact damage on enemies, allowing your Impact characters to build up Daze much quicker.

3. Exploit Enemy Elemental Weaknesses

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Before you start any commission (mission) in Zenless Zone Zero, you will be able to see the best elements for that Hollow. This is very important as using the correct characters for each Hollow will make your fights a lot easier and finish quicker. You can further check the Key Enemy info to see the elemental resistances of the enemies and avoid using characters with the same attributes.

Also, the game provides buffs if multiple characters of the same elemental type are in the same team, so mono comp teams for every hollow based on the weakness is very much possible.

4. Level Up Your Inter-Knot Reputation

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The Inter-Knot reputation is your account level in Zenless Zone Zero, and increasing it unlocks various game modes, missions, and even ways to farm materials. In combat, the Drive Discs act as Relics or Artifacts for Agents in Zenless Zone Zero.

To farm the Drive Discs, you first need to reach Inter-Knot reputation 30, which is a very high threshold for simply farming character artifacts. So, to get the best out of your character, you must first reach the Inter-Knot Reputation 30 and unlock the Music Store.

5. Focus on Using Ex-Special Attacks

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Ex-special and Special attacks are both “skills” of Agents in Zenless Zone Zero and are triggered by the same button. The Special Attack becomes the Ex-Special attack after the agent has built up enough energy. You can find the energy bar for each agent just below their health bar, and here you will also notice a threshold line.

Once the energy passes the threshold line, agents can do Ex-Special attacks with the same Skill button. The Ex-Special attacks deal a lot more damage than normal Special attacks, and you must always build towards it. Focus on using Basic Attacks, Dodge counters, and dash attacks to build up energy instead of using Special attacks as they don’t generate energy.

6. Choose the Correct Bangboo

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Bangboos are combat assistants that take part in battle actively, while also providing passive buffs to the agents. Every Bangboo has a different role and you must pick different Bangboos for different teams to get the best out of their abilities.

Some Bangboos buff Ice Elemental attacks, while others buff Physical attacks. Some are best paired with characters from specific factions, while others work best with characters of specific categories. And although there are a few Bangboos that are clearly better than others, you must pick the best one for your team.

7. Pair Agents in Teams With Same Factions

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Every Agent in Zenless Zone Zero comes from different factions. These factions play a lot bigger role in combat than just lore. Characters from the same faction have specific Bangboos, which increases their damage by a lot. Check out best Bangboos in ZZZ for a better selection.

Other than that, specific characters have special combos that only unlock when they play alongside certain faction partners, like Koleda alongside Ben. If possible, always try pairing agents from the same faction to increase the damage output and unlock special combos.

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