7 Best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero (Ranked)

The Bangboo feature in Zenless Zone Zero is a completely new mechanic to Hoyoverse games and it adds another layer to the best builds of characters. Bangboos are combat assistants who directly engage in battle while providing passive buffs to the entire team. They cannot be controlled, but selecting the correct Bangboo for your team can tip the scales in your favor during the hardest battles. However, there are many Bangboos, which are straight-up great picks for any team. Here are the best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero that can bring out the best in most teams.

Note: Every Bangboo in the game is good when paired with the correct characters. The following list only marks the best Bangboos that work overall and alongside specific characters. Always pick the best Bangboo for your team.

7. Avocaboo

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Avocaboo is a strong support type Bangboo that both deals damage to enemies and helps recover HP for your agents in the party. Although you don’t really need Health Recovery against most enemies in the early game, it can be quite helpful in end-game content. With one support character in the team, you can increase its health recovery ability by another 20%.

6. Devilboo

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Devilboo is one of the best A-Rank Bangboo in ZZZ, shooting homing bullets at enemies while flying, dealing Ether Damage, and inflicting Ether Anomaly Buildup. Suppose you have two Ether Attribute characters in the party, which is hard as there are only two Ether Attribute characters in the game at launch. In that case, its passive ability allows the Chain Attack’s Coordination State to last 5 more seconds and activate 4 more times. During the Chain Attacks, it deals more Ether Damage and inflicts Ether Anomaly Buildup for up to 30 seconds or 10 activations.

5. Magnetiboo

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Magnetiboo is one of the best crowd-control Bangboos in ZZZ. Its ability pulls in nearby enemies to deal Physical damage. This ability can make grouping enemies a lot easier in battles. Additionally, if you have an Anomaly character in the squad, the attack range and damage of its ability is increased by another 30%. This Bangboo is a good pick for most early teams, especially if you are taking on groups of enemies.

4. Exploreboo

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Exploreboo is another very strong support type Bangboo. He is the only Bangboo that recovers HP, generates Shield or increases Energy regen with one ability. This adorable Bangboo scans, excavates in the combat area, and then finds one of the earlier mentioned buffs, and gives it randomly to one of the agents in the party. Having a Support type character in the party will further increase its HP recovery and Shield Generation buff by 20% and Energy Regen rate by 0.04 points per second.

3. Amillion

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Amillion is another strong offensive Bangboo who literally uses a Machine gun to rip Ethereals on the combat field. It does very strong Physical damage, especially during Chain attacks, and perfectly pairs with the Cunning Hares Agents. Amillion is easily one of the best Bangboos in the game, especially if you adore the Cunning Hares as I do.

2. Butler

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Butler is one of the best support Bangboos in ZZZ, as he creates heartfelt afternoon snacks that generate Energy for the receiving Agent. Generating energy quickly will give a quick boost to all your offensive agents, allowing them to use their high-damage Ex-Special skills more frequently. This ZZZ Bangboo also pairs best alongside two Victoria Housekeep Co. Agents, which is great because Agent Corin is free on launch and Ellen Joe is on the first phase limited banner.

1. Safety

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Safety is one of the best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero. This Bangboo charges at enemies, launching a drilling attack and deals Physical damage upon hit. His base Attack and Impact stats are also really good, making him a great offensive Bangboo. Safety truly shines with two or more members of the Belobog Heavy Industries in the team, increasing the Chain Attack damage by 20%, and further increasing it by another 20% if the target is Burning or Shocked. If you have Ben and Koleda in your team, then Safety is the best Bangboo choice for you.

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