Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List

In Short
  • The S-tier and A-tier Bangboos are the best Bangboos in the game, perfect for the current best teams and characters.
  • The B-tier Bangboos are considered average in the current meta, but they can be good in off-meta teams and can get more useful in later versions.
  • The C-tier Bangboos are the weakest in Zenless Zone Zero in the current meta, having the least useful abilities.

Bangboos are one of the core team-building elements in Zenless Zone Zero, and picking the correct Bangboo for your team can increase the total damage output and party efficiency by a lot. But which Bangboo is best and which ones are bad? Here is a complete Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List to help you figure out the best Bangboos in the game currently. The tier list has been created based on the current team metas and best characters, as Bangboos are there to get the best out of your already chosen teams. Let’s check out the ZZZ Bangboo tier list quickly.


Zenless Zone Zero S-Tier Bangboos

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot
  • Amillion
  • Butler
  • Safety
  • Sharkboo

The S-Tier Bangboos are the best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero for the current team metas. Amillion is a clear favorite as you start the game with three Cunning Hares characters. Similarly, Sharkboo is a great addition for Ellen Joe teams, and Safety for Belobog Heavy Industry teams. Butler is one of the only Bangboos in the game who regenerates Energy as one of its main abilities.

Zenless Zone Zero A-Tier Bangboos

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot
  • Rocketboo
  • Booressure
  • Starterboo
  • Plugboo
  • Paperboo
  • Penguinboo
  • Exploreboo

The A-Tier Bangboos are the next best Bangboos for the current team metas. These Bangboos work well with most teams and some of the them are easier to obtain. Rocketboo is one of the best picks for Fire teams, and Paperboo is a great pick if you have Ben Bigger on the team. Penguinboo is a great alternative for Ellen Joe teams if you don’t have Sharkboo. Similarly, Booressure and Exploreboo are great alternatives to Butler.

Plugboo is a clear favorite for Electric teams, but it isn’t the meta currently, which is why it is placed in A-tier. Similarly, Starterboo is also a great Physical Bangboo, but currently, it is viable to have a full Physical team in the game.

Zenless Zone Zero B-Tier Bangboos

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot
  • Resonaboo
  • Devilboo
  • Cryboo
  • Avocaboo
  • Electroboo
  • Sumoboo
  • Bagboo

The B-Tier Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero are currently considered average Bangboos due to different character metas, or lack of good abilities that are harder to trigger. Some of these Bangboos are good in specific teams.

Zenless Zone Zero C-Tier Bangboos

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot
  • Boollseye
  • Luckyboo
  • Magnetiboo

The C-tier Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero are currently the worst or least likely to be used Bangboos. These Bangboos may become better later with more new characters, but currently, they are best left unused.

So, these are the best to worst Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero. While you are at it, check out our Zenless Zone Zero character tier list. If you have any questions regarding the Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo tier list or want to give your personal suggestions, comment below and let us know.

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