Zenless Zone Zero: How to Get and Upgrade Drive Discs

In Short
  • Drive Discs can be equipped by agents to increase their stats and get a passive set bonus.
  • You can farm and tune Drive Discs after unlocking Bardic Needle Music Store in Sixth Street.
  • Every agent has six Drive Disc equip slots, allowing one 4-set and one 2 set effect, or three 2-set effects.

Zenless Zone Zero is different as well as similar in many expects to other Hoyoverse games. While playing the game, you may have come across Drive Discs. Agents can equip these to increase their base stats and they also have set effects that provide passive buffs to the Agents. Here is a complete guide on what Drive Discs are in Zenless Zone Zero, and how to get and upgrade them.

What Are Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero

Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero are equivalent to Artifacts or Relics, and they can be equipped by Agents to increase their base stats or have a passive set effect bonus. There are six Drive Disc equip slots in ZZZ and the first three always have the same base stats, while the last three have randomized base stats.

Every Drive Disc is part of a set, and equipping the Drive Discs from the same set provides passive buffs to the characters. Each Drive Disc set has a 2-piece or 4-piece set effect, so every Agent can either have one 4-piece and one 2-piece set effects of different Drive Discs or have three different 2-piece set effects.

How to Get Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero

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Initially, you won’t find a way to get Drive Discs in the game. You can obtain Drive Discs using the music store Bardic Needle and tune new random Drive Discs. The music store Bardic Needle unlocks after finishing Chapter 2 of the Story Commissions, around Inter-Knot level 30.

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Once you have unlocked the Bardic Needle, you can farm the Drive Discs from the Routine Cleanup Training section, which also unlocks around the same time. The rarity of the Drive Discs in Bardic Needle is based on your Inter-Knot level. From Level 40 and above you can obtain S-Rank Drive Discs from the Routine Cleanup training. Other than the music store, you can also get Drive Discs by completing certain in-game missions.

How to Level Up Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero

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To level up Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero, you will need Plating Agents, which give XP to Drive Discs level them up. There are various ways you can get Plating Agents in ZZZ:

  • Routine Cleanup
  • Combat Simulation – Basic Upgrade Materials
  • Convenience Store
  • Dismantling Drive Discs

A Drive Disc can have a maximum of 4 random sub stats. Every 3 levels, one sub-stat is added or enhanced in the Drive Disc.

  • When a Drive Disc has less than 4 random stats, one new random stat will be added every 3 levels.
  • Once a Drive Disc has 4 random stats, a random existing stat will be upgraded every 3 levels.
  • The Drive Disc level cap varies depending on the rank of the Drive Disc. S-Ranked Drive Discs have a level cap of 15.

All Drive Disc Set Effects in Zenless Zone Zero

Here are all the Drive Disc set effects currently available in Zenless Zone Zero:

Drive Disc Set Name2-Piece Set Effect4-Piece Set Effect
Swing JazzEnergy Regen increases by 20%Launching a Chain Attack or Ultimate increases all squad members’ damage by 15% for 12 seconds. Passive effects of the same name do not stack.
Chaotic MetalIncreases Ether Damage by 10%The equipper’s Crit Damage increases by 20%. When any character in the squad triggers Corruption’s additional damage, this effect further increases by 5.5% for 8 seconds, stacking up to 6 times. Repeated triggers reset the duration.
Hormone PunkIncreases Attack by 10%Upon entering combat or switching in, its user’s Attack increases by 25% for 10 seconds. This effect can trigger once every 20 seconds.
Fanged MetalIncreases Physical Damage by 10%Whenever a squad member inflicts Assault on an enemy, the equipper deals 35% additional damage to the target for 12 seconds.
Shockstar DiscoIncreases Impact by 6%Basic Attacks, Dash Attacks, and Dodge Counters inflict 20% more Daze to the main target.
Thunder MetalIncreases Electric Damage by 10%As long as an enemy in combat is Shocked, the equipper’s Attack is increases by 28%.
Soul RockIncreases Defense by 16%Upon receiving an enemy attack and losing HP, the equipper takes 40% less Damage for 2.5 seconds. This effect can trigger once every 15 seconds.
Woodpecker ElectroIncreases Crit Rate by 8%Triggering a critical hit with a Basic Attack, Dodge Counter, or Ex Special Attack increases the equipper’s Attack by 9% for 6 seconds. The buff duration for different skills is calculated separately.
Puffer ElectroIncreases Penetration Ratio by 8%Ultimate Damage increases by 20%. Launching an Ultimate increases the equipper’s Attack by 15% for 12 seconds.
Inferno MetalIncreases Fire Damage by 10%Upon hitting a Burning enemy, the equipper’s Crit Rate is increased by 28% for 8 seconds.
Freedom BluesIncreases Anomaly Proficiency by 30.When an EX Special Attack hits an enemy, reduce the target’s Anomaly Buildup Resistance to the equipper’s Attribute by 20% for 8 seconds. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.
Polar MetalIncreases Ice Damage by 10%Increase the Damage of Basic Attack and Dash Attack by 20%. When any squad member inflicts Freeze or Shatter, this effect increases by an additional 20% for 12 seconds.

All Drive Disc Possible Stats in Zenless Zone Zero

Here are all the possible Drive Disc Main Stats:

Drive Disc NumberPossible Main Stats
IFlat HP
IIFlat Attack
IIIFlat Defense
IVHP%, Attack%, Defense%, Crit Rate%, Crit Damage%, Anomaly Proficiency
VHP%, Attack%, Defense%, Penetration Ratio%, Elemental Damage%
VIHP%, Attack%, Defense%, Anomaly Mastery%, Energy Regen%, Impact%

Here are all the possible Drive Disc Sub Stats:

  • Flat HP
  • Flat Attack
  • Flat Defense
  • HP%
  • Attack%
  • Defense%
  • Crit Rate%
  • Crit Damage%
  • Flat Penetration
  • Anomaly Proficiency

Drive Disc Sub-stats cannot be the same as the main stat on that Drive. For example, if the main stat is Attack%, that Drive Disc cannot have Attack% as sub-stat as well.

So, that’s everything about Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero. If you have any further questions on Drive Discs, ask us in the comment section.

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