Zenless Zone Zero: How to Get W-Engines

In Short
  • W-Engines are equivalent to Agent Weapons in Zenless Zone Zero and they increase the base stats and provide a unique effect to the wearer.
  • The best W-Engines can be obtained from W-Engine Signal Searches, which are basically weapon banners.
  • You can also purchase W-Engines from the gadget store Galaxy Box and Residual Exchange in Signal Shop.

Zenless Zone Zero is an Action RPG with a fluid and impactful combat system. Like most of the other Hoyoverse games, players can use different agents to fight in combat. Every Agent can be equipped with Drive Discs and W-Engines to increase their stats. Here is a complete guide on what W-Engines are in Zenless Zone Zero and how you can get them in the game.

What Are W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero

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If explained in Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail terms, W-Engines are equivalent to weapons or light cones in ZZZ. Every W-Engine increases the wearer’s Base Attack and comes with a unique advanced stat and a unique W-Engine effect. Also, every Agent only has one W-Engine equipment slot.

The W-Engines are of 4 types, one for each category of Agents. Here are all the W-Engine types in the game:

  • Impact W-Engines
  • Attack W-Engines
  • Anomaly W-Engines
  • Support W-Engines

Every W-Engine category can only be used by characters in the same category. For example, an impact Agent like Von Lycaon can only equip Impact W-Engines.

How to Get W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero

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W-Engines can be obtained through various means in ZZZ, however, the best W-Engines can only be obtained from W-Engine Signal searches, which are the equivalent of weapon banners in ZZZ. Here are all the ways you can obtain W-Engines in the game:

  • Signal Searches
  • Residual Exchange in Signal Shop
  • Can be purchased at the gadget shop Box Galaxy.
  • Completing Proxy Primers.

How to Upgrade W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero

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Like weapons and light cones, W-Engines can also be upgraded in Zenless Zone Zero. There are three ways you can up W-Engines:

  • Level up using W-Engine Power Sources
  • Modify using W-Engine Components (Increasing Level Cap)
  • Update using the same W-Engines (Superimpose)
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W-Engine Power Sources and W-Engine Modification components can be obtained from the Combat Simulation in HIA. It unlocks soon after finishing the Prologue Chapters in the game.

To update the W-Engines, you need to get multiple copies of the same W-Engine. Every W-Engine can be updated up to 5 stars, which requires four additional copies.

How to Recycle W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero

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If you have too many low-ranked W-Engines in your inventory, you can quickly recycle them into Power sources, which can be used to level up W-Engines. Recycling low-ranked W-Engine is a great way to keep your inventory clutter-free. To recycle W-Engines, here is what you need to do:

  • From the gadget shop Box Galaxy.
  • From the W-Engine section in the Storage menu.

So, that’s it. If you have any other questions about W-Engines or having trouble with any of the details in this article, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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