youtube gets explore tab

YouTube Replaces Trending Tab with ‘Explore’ on Android and iOS

youtube gets explore tab

After almost two years of testing, YouTube has finally started rolling out the Explore tab on its Android and iOS apps. The announcement was made earlier today on its support page.

From now on, you will see the new ‘Explore’ tab in place of the Trending tab in the bottom navigation bar. The latter used to show the trending videos in your region. But, the aspect that makes the Explore tab different from the current Trending tab is that it allows you to easily access new and fresh content across Gaming, Music, News, Movies, Fashion & Beauty categories.

With the Explore tab, you can now access trending videos on YouTube in two ways – you can either tap the dedicated Trending button seen at the very top or scroll down a bit to see the trending videos section.

youtube explore

There is also a new ‘Creator on the Rise’ section in the Explore tab. This will enable you to find and connect with new emerging creators in the YouTube community. “As you scroll through your Explore feed, you’ll see “Creator on the Rise” and “Artist on the Rise” before other trending videos. New creators and artists emerge on YouTube every day, so we hope this makes it easier for you to discover their content and connect with them and their communities!”, said YouTube’s support page.

The Explore tab is currently being enabled through server-side rollout but you may ‘Force Stop’ the app on your Android device to see the feature right away. The feature seems to be live on all Android and iOS devices I checked here at the Beebom office. If you do not see the feature right away, you will hopefully get it in the next few days.

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