YouTube Music To Get SD Card Support, Incognito Mode Soon

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Google is adding incognito modes to a number of apps, including YouTube and GBoard. And now it’s the turn of YouTube Music.

9to5Google’s recent APK teardown of YouTube Music 2.23 seems to suggest that the app will soon gain support for SD cards and an Incognito mode, much like full-fledged YouTube app and Play Music. The teardown has also revealed that the app may soon start suggesting ‘official versions’ of songs in case listeners are tuning in to unofficial versions. The app may also someday bring TV integration, much like YouTube’s ‘Watch on TV’ feature.

Support for SD Card

While YouTube Music already lets users download music, the downloaded files can only be stored on internal storage right now. The following two lines of code seem to be a clear indication that the new version will bring SD card support to the app.

<string name=”storage_name_for_phone”>phone</string>
<string name=”storage_name_for_sdcard”>SD card</string>

Support for Incognito Mode

The app is also likely to receive an Incognito mode, something that was first discovered with the teardown of YouTube for Android version 13.0 last month. Chrome and Gboard already has the feature, so it isn’t really a stretch to believe that YouTube and YouTube Music will get it in the foreseeable future.

<string name=”turn_off_incognito”>Turn off Incognito</string>

Switch to Official Audio/Video

The following line of code reveals the YouTube Music may soon suggest to users the official audio or video version of a song.

<string name=”atv_switch_overlay”>Switch to official audio</string>
<string name=”pmv_switch_overlay”>Switch to official video</string>

Pair With TV

The following piece of code in version 2.23 of YouTube Music suggests that a ‘pair with TV’ functionality is coming to the app.

<string name=”mdx_pref_pair_with_tv_no_browser_to_show_help_page”>
No browser available to open the help page.</string>

Other Upcoming Features

These are not the only new features that YouTube Music is likely to receive. The app is being prepped for a number of new functionality, with recent teardowns revealing other Play Music-like features, including location-based playlists, auto-downloads, and even a swipe feature to help users skip ads. The app is also expected to get Play Music’s audio quality settings, so the latest developments that make YT Music more like Play Music, should not surprise anyone.

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