Your PC Does Not Support Windows 11? Check out This Similar-Looking Linux-Based Alternative

Windows 11 Does Not Support Your PC? Check out This Linux-Based Alternative

With the public release of Microsoft’s next-gen Windows OS out of the gate earlier this week, several users will not be able to upgrade to Windows 11 due to device incompatibility and the controversial system requirements that Microsoft has implemented. So yeah, if you are someone whose device is incompatible with Windows 11, I have got just the right thing for you.

Windowsfx 11: A Windows 11-Flavored Linux Alternative

A new Linux-based alternative to Windows 11 has shown up online right at the time of the release of Microsoft’s desktop OS. Dubbed as Windowsfx 11, it is an alternate version of Windows that brings several Windows 11 design elements to your PC.

Now, I know that there are a few apps that can add the Windows 11 Start Menu to older versions of Windows, Windowsfx 11 not only adds the Start Menu but also the new Taskbar with centered icons, the translucent theme of Windows 11, dark mode, and various other features to your older PC. It even adds a Cortana-like virtual assistant called Helloa. You can check out the demo video below to get an idea about how it will look like on your system.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run the Linux-based Windowsfx 11 OS on your system include a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 22GB of internal storage. The recommended requirements include a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 50GB of free space.

One of the advantages of the OS is that users do not need any additional hardware components or safety requirements such as a TPM chip to run it on their system. Moreover, the OS also supports ARM-based platforms, including Raspberry Pi.

Pricing and Availability

Coming to the availability, Windowsfx 11 will follow the same update and release schedule as the official Windows 11 version. So yeah, the final version of the OS has been made available on the same date as the Windows 11 release date, i.e October 5.

There will be two versions of Windowsfx 11 – a Free version and a Professional version that will cost $20 (~Rs 1,470). While there will be no Helloa virtual assistant on the free version, Professional users will get the voice assistant and support from the development team. You can download Windowsfx 11 from its official website right here.

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  • Max says:

    Windows refugees, @Xavier – especially those that are being migrated to Linux because their admin is tired of the Microsoft merry-go-round.

    Do I want my Linux or BSD machines to look like Windows? No, that’d creep me out. (I spend 80% of my time on the command line and the remainder in i3.)

    When you’re dealing with computer-naive users (large business offices, mom-and-pop SOHO shops, or aging relatives) that you need to drag into the 21st century, these kinds of transition distros have a place.

    If I had to migrate my Windows users to Linux again, Windowsfx is what I’d choose to do it. The smart ones would laugh and the less-smart ones might not even know the difference.

    • David 1958 says:

      Golly geeweez your smart.

  • Xavier says:

    Who, in their right mind, would want Linux to look like Windows?! Some Linux desktops look so much better than Windows.

    • Duncan says:

      Hell Yeah! and they are faster too.

    • GoodBoi says:

      @Xavier yeah mann

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