Xiaomi’s New 200W Charging Tech Fully Charges Your Phone in 8 Minutes

Xiaomi's New 200W Charging Tech Fully Charges Your Phone in 8 Minutes

After showing off its futuristic “Mi Air Charge” truly wireless charging technology at the start of this year, Xiaomi has today introduced new fast-charging technologies to the world. The new HyperCharge fast-charging technology can deliver 200W fast-charging through a wired connection and 120W fast-charging wirelessly.

The Chinese giant released an official video to showcase the new wired and wireless fast-charging technologies. So, according to Xiaomi, the Hypercharge 200W fast-charging technology has set a new record in the charging world as it can fully charge a device with a 4,000mAh battery in under 8 minutes.

The company showed off that the new 200W charging technology takes as low as 44 seconds to charge 10% of a 4,000mAh battery. It goes to 50% in under three minutes, while full charging takes less than eight minutes, which is simply crazy. For context, Oppo’s 125W Super Flash Charge and Realme’s 125W UltraDART fast charging technologies take 20 minutes to charge a device with a 4,000mAh battery. You can check out Xiaomi’s new Hypercharge technology in action right here:

Along with the 200W Hypercharge wired fast-charging tech, Xiaomi also introduced 120W wireless fast-charging technology. With this, users will be able to fully charge their devices wirelessly in under 15 minutes. Now, that takes wireless charging technology to a whole new level and sets the bar high for other manufacturers.

Xiaomi showcased both the charging technologies using a modified Mi 11 Pro device. We are currently unsure of the company’s plans to launch a smartphone with these fast-charging technologies onboard.

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