Get 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Just Rs.50 Right Now

xbox game pass ultimate offer deal

Xbox and PC gamers, here’s a great deal for you. If you like playing multiplayer games on your Xbox One X, or if you’re looking to try out the newest releases as soon as possible on your console and PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is definitely something you’ve heard of. A lot of you are probably already subscribed to it, but if you’re not, you should do it right away.

Microsoft is currently offering three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at just Rs.50! That’s a whopping 98% discount on the usual 3-month subscription price of Rs.2,999. You can also choose to subscribe for just one month, and even then you’ll have to pay just Rs.50 instead of the usual Rs.999 for that duration.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings together Xbox Live Gold, so you can play multiplayer games on your Xbox One, and also offers over 100 high-quality Xbox One games for just the price of this subscription. You can choose from games such as Subnautica, The Outer Worlds, Forza Horizon 4, and many more and just get right into the game. Plus, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you can enjoy multiplayer games on your Xbox One. So grab your copy of the the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and go play all your favourite games with your friends online. At Rs.50 for three months, even if you don’t like it, it’s not going to hurt at all.

Note: Once your three months are over, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will auto-renew at its usual price of Rs.2,999.

Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Rs.50 for 3 months right now; normally Rs.2,999 for 3 months)

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