X’s New Stories Feature Uses AI to Summarize Trending News

X Grok AI Story summaries
In Short
  • X has announced a new Stories feature that uses the Grok AI to summarize personalized trending posts and topics.
  • The feature is accessible through the For You tab in the Explore section and makes it easy to get context about a trending topic.
  • It is only available for X Premium subscribers and is only available on iOS and Web versions of the app.

X (formerly Twitter) is a platform where all the latest news and their discussions take place. However, catching up to them and their replies can be a chore at times. X has now introduced a new Stories feature that summarizes posts as a single story using the Grok AI chatbot exclusive to the platform. It will help streamline the latest and trending discussions on the app.

The X Engineering account posted on Friday announcing the feature and sharing a couple of screenshots of it to show how the feature will look in action. As you can find, the feature will be available on the For You page. Opening the story will show you a brief summary like a news article instead of posts talking about the topic.

Image Courtesy: X Engineering on X

This will make it easier for readers to catch up on something they might be interested in. It solves the issue of scrolling through a bunch of unnecessary memes and other unrelated posts to learn about the context of something that is trending. However, X also warns the users, “Grok can make mistakes, verify its outputs”, when viewing a story summary.

The feature is currently available for only X Premium users. It is accessible from the For You page in the Explore section of the app. X Stories is currently exclusive to iOS and Web, with no word on when it will land on Android devices. As for Grok itself, you can find it in the middle of the bottom toolbar if you need it.

This new feature is not new to the platform, as Twitter did try something similar back in 2020. They added headlines and descriptions to the trending discussions back in the day without the help of AI. However, this new addition will be useful for users like me who just want to know why something is a trending topic on the platform. But what are your thoughts about it? Would you find it helpful? Let us know in the comments down below.

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