Post Wordpress blog posts as Twitter threads

WordPress Now Lets You Share Your Entire Blog Post to Twitter

Post Wordpress blog posts as Twitter threads

If you are someone who cross-posts content from WordPress to Twitter, there is good news. WordPress has now made it easier than ever before to share your blog post on Twitter. According to the company, you can now transform your blog post to a Twitter thread with just two extra clicks.

Through this new feature, you can share the entire contents of a WordPress post to Twitter, including images, videos, and embeds. However, do keep in mind that you can do this only when you’re publishing a new post. In other words, the feature doesn’t work with old blog posts that you have already published.

WordPress says it has paid attention to detail when it comes to the formatting of your tweets. You can also view a preview of the tweets before you share them“If a paragraph is too long for a single Tweet, for instance, it will automatically be split into multiple Tweets. And rather than squishing as many words as possible into the first Tweet and letting the rest spill to the second one, the break will come at the end of a sentence,” explains the company.

tweet preview on wordpress
Image: WordPress

The first step for getting started with this feature involves linking your Twitter account with WordPress. To do so, you can click on the Jetpack icon present to the top right corner of the header, followed by clicking on ‘Connect an account’. It goes without saying that this step is necessary only if you have not linked your Twitter account yet.

connect twitter to wordpress
Image: WordPress

Once you’ve linked your Twitter account, you can add a custom message along with the content. In fact, you can choose to share just the link of the post on Twitter or the entire content as a thread.

wordpress to twitter thread
Image: WordPress

As WordPress points out, you can engage with your Twitter followers and blog viewers simultaneously with this new feature. The feature is available now to WordPress users worldwide.


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