Upcoming Windows 11 Feature Will Let You Scan QR Code for Wi-Fi Connections

new windows 11 feature in insider build to scan qr code for wifi network connection
Image Courtesy: Microsoft
In Short
  • Microsoft released the Windows 11 Insider Build 26052 last week.
  • A new feature was added which lets users simply scan a QR code to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • By opening the camera app and pointing the viewfinder towards the QR code, the Wi-Fi will instantly get connected to the PC.

Windows 11 24H2 is on the horizon, and new features found in the previously released Insider Build 26052 are still quite the hot topic right now. Microsoft has just shown a WiFi connectivity feature that is coming to Windows 11 soon, which will let you scan QR codes with the camera for seamless connections!

This new ‘scan QR Code for Wi-Fi connectivity’ feature will let users simply open the Camera app to join a Wi-Fi network.

Once open, users have to get the QR code for the Wi-Fi they want to connect. Certain devices have a feature that lets you share the details of a previously connected Wi-Fi network in the form of a QR code. Once the PC sees this in the camera viewfinder, the QR code gets scanned.

new windows 11 feature to scan qr code for wifi network connection
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

The feature has been shown in action above. After the Wi-Fi QR code is scanned, the Windows 11 PC will immediately connect to the network and save the profile accordingly in settings. This will even work for hotspots as well.

Mostly, this will be beneficial for 2-in-1 Windows PCs and tablets with rear-facing cameras. While it would be slightly weird, the new feature should work with an external camera connected to a desktop PC or the front-facing webcam found in laptops as well.

sharing wifi network on android phone with qr code
Sharing Wi-Fi on Android 14 (NothingOS)

This kind of feature that allows for seamless connectivity to a Wi-Fi network is already prevalent in Android phones. As you can see in the above screenshot from a Nothing Phone, the way to share a Wi-Fi network (apart from giving away the password) is to share it with a QR Code. iOS users can scan QR codes but can’t share them themselves.

Apart from this, Windows 11 insider build 26052 also brought an AI Super Resolution feature that could be coming to 24H2! The upcoming update will be quite major and will be released later in the second half of 2024.

What are your thoughts on this new Windows 11 feature, allowing for scanning QR codes to connect to Wi-Fi networks seamlessly? Let us know in the comments below.

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