Windows 11 Dev Channel Builds Are About to Get Less Stable; Here’s Why

Windows 11 Dev Channel Builds Are About to Get Less Stable

Microsoft is in the final round of preparations for the highly-anticipated Windows 11 release in October. Ahead of the launch, Windows 11 is currently available in Dev and Beta channels. If you have been closely following the Windows 11 updates cycle, you might recall that the company had rolled out the same Windows 11 builds in both Dev and Beta channels in the past couple of weeks. That’s about to change soon, as Microsoft has warned Insiders that the Dev channel will soon get more unstable again.

Windows 11 Dev Channel Builds Are About to Get Less Stable

Microsoft says it will start testing early development builds in the Dev channel, as it usually does. As a result, these upcoming builds will be less stable than the ones that are currently live in the Dev channel. In an email sent to Insiders, Microsoft also points out that changes that will show up in the upcoming Dev channel builds will not make their way to the public release this October.

“We will soon be flighting early development builds in the Dev Channel. These builds may be less stable and won’t align with the version of Windows 11 expected to be available to the general public later this year,” wrote Microsoft. You can check the entire email below:

windows 11 insider program mail

Since Microsoft has switched to an annual cycle for feature updates with Windows 11, changes in future Dev channel builds are meant for the first major feature update of Windows 11 planned for the second half of next year (22H2). Hence, if you are in the Dev channel right now, and would prefer a relatively stable experience going forward, you can check our guide to switch from Windows 11 Dev channel to the Beta channel.

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  • I was on Dev, switched to Beta the day it released. I was/am using windows 11 in my one and only laptop, to my surprise the very first build was the most stable yet. I used that build for a few days without a single hickup. All these updates later, i am on the 160 build in Beta, and I am not happy at all. Aside from the performance issues, frame drops in explorer, sudden crashes while switching to dark mode, the os has been glitching (like in Wandavision) with color distortion and sudden blackout are being common. I never had this kind of issue in Windows 10. The PC would just go all black, won’t take any input for a few seconds(5-6) and then it would come back to life. If music was playing, it will continue to play throughout tho. No app crash or what so ever, it would just glitch. And a lot of times, when i have windows in normal mode(not minimised) and I try to resize them, the screen would glitch, then there are color separation, text distortion in the screen. It’s really getting annoyingly ugly. I might just install a fresh Windows 10, i even have the iso in a pendrive, the only thing keeping me in Win11 is the new esthetics, rounded corners, and the new File explorer.

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