Windows 11 Build 25145 Brings OneDrive Subscription Management to the Dev Channel

Windows 11 Build 25145 released

Microsoft has introduced the new Windows 11 Insider Build 25145 for the Dev channel, bringing in a few new features and loads of bug fixes and improvements. The main highlight is the introduction of the OneDrive subscription management option, which comes in addition to the Office 365 subscription. Here are the details to know.

Windows 11 Build 25145: What’s New?

The new Windows 11 Insider Build 25145 will now show OneDrive subscription details in the Accounts page within Settings. To recall, the subscription information page was recently updated as part of the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25126 released last month.

And if your OneDrive storage limit is nearing its end, you will be alerted about the same on the same page. These two features are just starting to roll out and as a result, won’t be available for all people signed into the Dev channel. Here’s a look at what the subscription page will look like.

windows 11 25145 onedrive storage alter
Image: Microsoft

There’s an update for Narrator Braille driver support too. This will ensure that the Braille devices are working even when there’s a switch between Narrator and third-party screen readers. For this, you will be required to remove the Narrator’s existing braille support and install a new narrator braille support. You can refer to the blog post for in-depth details on this.

In addition, the build now has native support for the legacy local administrator password solution and has various new features too. This tool allows you to manage local passwords of domain-joined computers, which wasn’t locally available. There’s also the ability to see which apps use information like location, camera, microphone, phone calls, messaging, contacts, pictures, videos, music library, and screenshots. A 7-day history will be provided. This was also announced recently.

Suggested Actions are also available for Windows Insiders in the in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Plus, clicking in the middle of folder in File Explorer will now open a new tab.

There are various fixes for issues like the appearance of black screen on Surface Pro X devices while trying to resume hiberate and loads more. The new update is now available for the Dev channel and it remains to be seen when and if these changes will be available for the general audience.

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