Windows 11 Insider Build 22567 Makes Windows Update Downloads Sustainable

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After adding much-needed taskbar improvements and Android app support for stable users last month, Microsoft has now started rolling out the Windows 11 build 22567 with new features to Insiders in the Dev Channel recently. This update includes changes to the Windows Update system, making it more sustainable than ever, a new “Your Microsoft Account” page, and more. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s new in the latest Windows 11 Insider update.

Windows 11 Build 22567 Announced: What’s New?

Microsoft has announced the latest Windows 11 build 22567 via an official blog post. Starting with the sustainable Windows update part, Microsoft says that the Windows Update system will now prioritize updates in the background only when significant amounts of natural energy sources like solar or wind energy are available.

That means if you live in a region with known carbon intensity data, particularly from platforms such as WattTime or electricityMap, the Windows Update will leverage this data to detect a time when there is more clean energy available to check for updates. When the feature goes live, you will see this new reduced carbon emissions info (screenshot below) on the Windows Update settings page.

Windows 11 Build 22567 sustainable update page

This feature aims to reduce the carbon footprint generated from the Windows Update process. However, you can manually check for new Windows 11 updates from the Settings page whenever you want.

Another significant change in Windows 11 Build 22567 is the new “Your Microsoft Account” page that was recently rolled out to all Windows 11 users. Now, you will see more information about your Microsoft 365 subscription and OneDrive storage right on the Account page in the Settings. Furthermore, you will be able to update your payment methods and check the Family subscriptions info. If you do not have an active Microsoft 365 subscription, you will get links to the web versions of the Office apps on this page.

Windows 11 Build 22567 new "Your Microsoft Account" page

With this update, Microsoft also added a brand new Smart App Control feature that acts as a security layer to protect your PC from potentially dangerous and unknown applications. Once turned on, the SAC feature will follow your PC usage pattern to determine whether it can work without hindering your workflow or not. If it cannot, the feature will automatically turn off. You can also enable it again if you want.

More New Changes Available too!

Microsoft also changed the design of the “Open with” dialog box in Windows 11, making it more modern and in line with its Fluent Design. Moreover, the updated dialog box now supports light and dark themes. You can check out the screenshot below to see the change.

Windows 11 Build 22567 open with dialog box design changes

Other than these, the Windows 11 22567 update contains small changes like the ability to link your Android smartphone with your PC during the Windows 11 OOBE (out-of-the-box experience) and updates to the animations for multi-finger touch gestures. There are a number of fixes included too.

In addition, features from the previous Build version 22557, such as the new Task Manager, have started rolling out to all the Dev Channel users. Windows 11 Build 22567 is available for Insiders in the Dev Channel and there’s no word on when it will reach the general audience. We will let you know about this, so, stay tuned.

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