Microsoft has announced the new Windows Insider Build 18932 for users in the Fast ring of Windows updates and it comes with a bunch of new features and improvements.

Improvements to Eye Control, and Accessibility Features

Among the changes brought along by build 18932 are improvements to Windows’ Eye Control feature which now brings support for drag and drop actions. Once a user has enabled drag and drop from Eye Control settings, they will be able to use eye gestures to perform drag and drop operations, and even combine clicks and drags with Shift and Ctrl. The update also improves the ‘Pause’ functionality where if the user selects the pause button, it completely hides the launchpad so users can enjoy full screen content such as videos and movies. The launchpad reappears when the user looks away from the screen, or when they briefly close their eyes.

The Settings for Eye Control are also improved with build 18932, and now bring control over more features, including some new features that can be enabled and finer control over the sensitivity of the system to eye-movements.

Apart from Eye Control, build 18932 brings other accessibility improvements as well — if you use Narrator for TTS, it will now automatically start reading web pages and emails out loud as soon as they load. Apart from that, the Magnifier app now plays well with Windows Light and Dark themes, and different font sizes.

New Notification Settings and Options

Moving away from accessibility features, Windows 10 build 18932 also brings improvements to Windows’ notifications. From now on, anytime you receive a notification, Windows will show in-line options to turn off notifications from that app, or go to the app’s notification settings. What’s more, the new build adds images to the notification settings page to help users understand what certain settings mean.

Other than that, the new build now brings a “Manage Notifications” button at the top of the Action Center, making it easier to access notification settings. Muting all notifications is also easier now, and you will no longer need to head into the sound control panel to do that.

Also, in the Manage Notifications page, you can now sort Notification senders by ‘Most recent’ to quickly find apps and services you just dismissed a notification from and want to block.

That’s a lot of new stuff, and there’s even more changes that build 18932 is bringing to Windows 10 — read the official blog to learn all the details. Also, if you’re interested in trying out these Insider builds of Windows 10, you can sign up to be a Windows Insider here.