Who Is Nettles in House of the Dragon Season 2

The Targaryen Civil War is around the corner. So, every fan of House of the Dragon must be excited to witness what happens when the biggest battle between the friends turned enemy Rhaenyra and Alicent takes place. Well, we all know that in this several potent houses will provide a backup to both teams, but rare enthusiasts may know that there will be several other fighters whom we will get to meet in House of the Dragon season 2. One of them is a dark-skinned woman named Nettles and here, we talk about her.

Who Is Nettles, the Dragonseed in House of the Dragon

Daemon from House of the Dragon
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Nettles is a dragonseed, who is rumored to be the daughter of a hooker. For the unacquainted, in the books by George R.R Martin, it’s revealed that the dragonseeds are the ones who are conceived by a Targaryen man and a hooker. They are basically of Velaryon descent.

Nettles is the rider of the wildest dragon, Sheepstealer, whom she tamed by feeding a goat every day. During Dance of the Dragons, Nettles fought in favor of Rhaenyra’s team. However, things got complex when Daemon started falling for her after the duo spent some time together at Maidenpool in the Riverlands.

Relationship Between Nettles and Daemon

As per Mushroom, Daemon and Nettles didn’t take much time to become bedmates. Also, several rumors stated that the duo even bathed together. However, the Maidenpool’s maester came up with another angle and stated that Daemon and Nettles, both seemed like father and daughter.

When Daemon’s former mistress, Mysaria learned about them, she immediately informed Rhaenyra about her husband’s infidelity. The Targaryen Queen instantly instructed Lord Mooton to kill the dragonseed without wasting any further time. The lord initially couldn’t decide what to do but eventually, he ignored the order and helped Nettles escape.

After that, no information regarding Nettles came out. At the end of the Dance of the Dragons, when Daemon and Aemond crashed in the lake below the Gods Eye and everyone’s body was discovered except Daemon’s, some theories suggest that Daemon survived death and went to Nettles. Well, Nettles is someone who showed that Daemon and Rhaenya were bound by responsibilities and never by love.

Will Nettles Appear in House of the Dragon Season 2

As of now, we have not heard much about Nettles’ appearance in House of the Dragon season 2. While she plays an important character in the books, it is not definite that she’ll appear in the second season. However, considering the role and its importance in the Dance of Dragons, Nettles is very likely to be introduced in season 2.

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