8 Most Powerful Houses in House of the Dragon (Ranked)

House of the Dragon mainly revolves around House Targaryen, but there are several other prominent Houses that are fighting for power. Game of Thrones fans are already familiar with the most powerful houses in this universe; however, HOTD brings some new houses into the picture. If you’re wondering which houses are the most prominent and the most powerful in House of the Dragon, we’ve got you covered.

8. House Cole

Ser Criston Cole from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: HBO

House Cole is a minor yet proud house in the House of the Dragon’s first season and it came to our attention because of Ser Cristen Cole. Alongside his service as a member of Kingsguard, King Viserys appointed Cole as the personal guard of Rhaenyra. However, Ser Cristen Cole felt betrayed after the Queen refused to marry him. So, despite knowing that Rhaenyra has been chosen as the heir to the Iron Throne, Cristen helped Aegon II Targaryen to sit on the throne. Since then, he is also called by the name Kingmaker.

Thanks to Cristen’s actions, House Cole proved its prominence in the narrative even after being seen as a minor house compared to the others mentioned in this list.

7. House Lannister

House Lannister
Image Courtesy: HBO

Even though the House of Lannister didn’t get much importance in House of the Dragon, every GOT fan knows that this is one of the richest and most influential houses in Westeros. In Game of Thrones, House Lannister had a significant part. However, as HOTD takes place 200 years before GOT’s timeline, we only get introduced to the twins of the house, Jason and Tyland Lannister.

In the books, the House Lannister plays a pivotal role in the upcoming war, so you can expect to see this house getting more recognition in HOTD Season 2.

6. House Baratheon

Borros Baratheon
Image Courtesy: HBO

A general from the Targaryen army, Orys Baratheon, laid the foundation of the House Baratheon. House Baratheon is considered one of the most powerful houses of Westeros, especially during the Game of Thrones timeline. Members of this house are recognized by their attractive appearances and ability to manipulate storms. Despite being an influential house, we didn’t see much of it in House of The Dragon Season 1.

However, in the concluding moments of HOTD’s first season, Borros Baratheon, portrayed by Roger Evans, was seen choosing House Green. That means the much-awaited Season 2 of the TV series will see this potent house in a prominent role.

5. House Stark

House Stark
Image Courtesy: HBO

House Stark is still a mystery for fans who didn’t watch GOT, as the house wasn’t featured at a larger scale in the first season of House of the Dragon. However, Princess Rhaenyra didn’t send her son Prince Jaecerys to the Winterfell without any reason. She knew that House Stark was powerful enough to provide backup to House Black in The Dance of the Dragons. That’s because these “wolves” control the entire North.

Starks didn’t get much recognition in the TV Show’s first season, but things might change as the story moves forward in Season 2.

4. House Velaryon

House Velaryon
Image Courtesy: HBO

House Velaryon is one of the most ancient houses of the Seven Kingdoms. This house came to Westeros long before Targaryen, but as the latter controlled the skies with the dragons, Velaryons were left a little behind. That being said, House Velaryon is still one of the strongest houses in House of the Dragon because of its dominance over the seas.

They were also the supporters of the House Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons. They took control of the narrow sea through their massive fleet and blocked all trade to King’s Landing.

3. House Strong

House Strong
Image Courtesy: HBO

The noble house from the Riverlands played a significant role in the first season of House of the Dragon. The most prominent member of this house is Larys Strong, who entered the picture in episode 5 of season 1, where we see him trying to befriend Alicent.

Furthermore, after the time jump in episode 6, we see him as one of the most cunning villains of the fantasy drama. On top of everything, he can go to any extent to get whatever he desires. For instance, Larys Strong didn’t think twice before killing his brother and father to gain the title of Lord of Harrenhal.

2. House Hightower

House Hightower
Image Courtesy: HBO

House Hightower was seen at a substantial spot in the House of the Dragon Season 1. Otto Hightower, the closest companion of King Viserys, turned his back towards him for the throne. He started manipulating his daughter after she got married to the Targaryen Lord. He also helped Queen Alicent to make her son Aegon the successor to the throne, illegally.

The second season will feature the fight between Rhaenyra and Alicent. So, we will see to what extent the Hightower House can go to snatch the Iron Throne and the powers that come with it.

1. House Targaryen

House Targaryen
Image Courtesy: HBO

House Targaryen is the royal house that’s currently at the top of the food chain in House of the Dragon. The members of this house are the dragon lords, meaning they control the skies through dragons. In Game of Thrones, we heard several stories about House Targaryen, but it wasn’t until the first season of HOTD that we saw the full might of this prominent house.

After King Viserys’ death, the Targaryens saw the most brutal Civil War in history. Rhaenyra was chosen for the Iron throne by her father, but things got dirty when her stepmother gave birth to the king’s sons. So, the upcoming season will surely bring a lot of brutal deaths and betrayals within the Targaryen house.

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