Top 10 Most Powerful Dragons in House of the Dragon So Far (Ranked)

Some of us may love Game of Thrones more than House of the Dragon, but we have to agree that HOTD features way more dragons than GoT. Ever since the first episode, the show featured several amazing dragons from the books. In fact, it’s hard for some of us to catch up with the number of beasts shown in the series so far. So, I’ve curated a list talking about every dragon that has appeared in House of the Dragon so far and we’ve ranked them from biggest to smallest

10. Arrax

Arrax from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: HBO

The youngest white dragon, Arrax, was the smallest as compared to the other dragons we got introduced to in the first season of House of the Dragon. In the season 1 finale, Arrax and his rider, Lucerys Targaryen, visit Borros Baratheon with a message from Rhaenyra Targaryen at the Storm’s End. However, the young prince didn’t know that at the same time, Aemond and his dragon Vhagar had also come to pay a visit to the Baratheon Lord.

On their way back home, Aemond decides to teach Lucerys a lesson, as he is the same boy who took one of his eyes in childhood. He didn’t intend to kill Lucerys, but unfortunately, he fails to control Vhagar, who sets fire to Arrax while consuming Lucerys as a whole.

9. Vermax

Vermax from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: HBO

Vermax served as a ride to Rhaenyra’s firstborn son, Jacaerys. The dragon appeared in the sixth and tenth episodes of House of the Dragon Season 1. As compared to the likes of Vhagar and Vermithor, Vermax is a young dragon who has the tendency to grow every year. As Lucerys went to Borros Baratheon, Jacarys rode Vermax to House Stark and Arryn to ask for their support in the Dance of the Dragons conflict.

Now that Jacaerys didn’t face a fate as his younger brother, we will certainly see him playing a significant role with his dragon in Season 2.

8. Dreamfyre

Dreamfyre from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: HBO

Dreamfyre is seen as a breeding dragon instead of the one usually seen as a part of the battles. Even though she is a ride to Haelena Targaryen, they are rarely seen flying. The medium-sized dragon appeared in three episodes of HOTD Season 1. However, it wasn’t until Aemond’s arrival on Dragonpit to claim a dragon that Dreamfyre grabbed our attention. She only took a few seconds to chase the boy away as she was busy guarding eggs on the Dragonpit.

7. Seasmoke

Seasmoke from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: HBO

Seasmoke is one such dragon in House of the Dragon that has proved its potential during the War for the Stepstones. It not only helped Laenor Belaryon win the battle but also helped an injured Daemon escape. Despite being a young dragon, it made us realize that it could be a great asset in House Green Vs. House Black.

After Laenor mysteriously goes into exile, faking his death, Seasmoke remains riderless for many decades.

6. Sunfyre

Image Courtesy: HBO

Justifying the name, Sunfyre is said to be the most beautiful male dragon in the history of House of the Dragon. His golden scales and overall texture can enchant anyone at a glance. The magnificent dragon served as a ride to Aegon II Targaryen. In the first season of HOTD, we didn’t get to see much of him except when he was accompanying other dragons at Driftmark during Laena Velaryon’s funeral. Later, we see the dragon flying with his rider to the King’s Landing the following day.

In the books, Sunfyre has been visualized as one of the most formidable and strongest dragons despite his young age. So, we can expect to see him play a significant role as the story moves forward in the much-awaited second season of HOTD.

5. Syrax

Image Courtesy: HBO

Syrax is the ride to the Iron Stone’s legal heir, Rhaenyra Targaryen. Even though the dragon wasn’t as powerful as the Caraxes during the wars, it had everything that was required to protect Rhaenyra. The yellow-scaled creature not only serves as a ride to the Targaryen princess, but it is also someone who feels the pain of her rider.

Despite being a young dragon, it has the potency that can knock down any dragon of its age. That’s what makes it special.

4. Meleys

Image Courtesy: HBO

Meleys is a dragon from HOTD that is highly praised for her swift speed. This ability is also one of the reasons why she is seen as a significant asset to House Black. In the TV series, the dragon is seen flying with Rhaenys alongside Laenor Velaryon and Seasmoke. Also known as the Red Queen, Meleyes was born decades before Viserys Targaryen’s birth. She has been ruling the skies alongside the strongest dragons, Vhagar and Caraxes, for a long time. So, we know how potent the dragon is and what role she will play in HOTD Season 2.

3. Caraxes

Image Courtesy: HBO

Having a serpent-like appearance, Caraxes is Daemon Targaryen’s dragon, and we see him play a pivotal role in Season 1. It didn’t leave any stone unturned to showcase his powers in the War for the Stepstones. Being a ride to one of the most potent characters of HOTD, Caraxes will certainly return in the second season to support its rider.

2. Vermithor

Image Courtesy: HBO

Born 100 years before the main narrative, Vermithor is one of the ancient dragons in existence. This one is surely unique for its age, but only a few dragons can stand before it in terms of strength as well. In the first season, we see Daemon visiting Vermithor in the cave where he resides. Daemon sings a song for the huge dragon, but in return, he doesn’t get anything except a blast. However, when he and Daemon exchange a glance, Vermithor calms down.

1. Vhagar

Image Courtesy: HBO

The largest dragon in existence, Vhagar, killed Lucerys and Arrax at the end of the first season. Aemond was dragon-less for several years, making him a topic of mockery among his cousins. However, Aemond was ambitious, so when he saw an opportunity to ride Vhagar, the biggest dragon in the realm, he certainly grabbed that power. However, even after spending several years with Vhagar, Aemond isn’t able to control the dragon fully in season 1. Things might change in Season 2, however.

House of the Dragon featured these many dragons in Season 1, but we might see more dragons entering the picture in Season 2. On the contrary, we might see some dragons meeting their dark fate during the Dance of the Dragons conflict. In fact, after the war, almost every Dragon will die, and the realm will spend several decades without seeing a dragon in the skies, which will make them a myth.

Who rides Vhagar dragon in House of the Dragon?

In House of the Dragon season 1, we see Aemond claim Vhagar and he was seen riding the dragon in the season finale when Lucerys Targaryen was killed at the hands of Aemond.

Who is the biggest dragon in House of the Dragon?

Vhagar is the biggest dragon in House of Dragon and as of season 1, Aemond rides the creature.

Who is bigger Vermithor or Vhagar?

Vhagar is the biggest dragon alive in House of the Dragon. She is certainly bigger than Vermithor.

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