This Website About Soothing Bird Sounds Might be Perfect for Quarantine

bird website feat.

As the Novel Coronavirus is forcing the world to stay locked up at homes, people are trying to turn their boring indoor quarantine sessions by discovering new things online. In a Reddit post, I found a user looking for any interesting website to spend time on during the lockdown. Another user commented on the post and suggested a website on which I started spending my time! This website provides information about the different animal and plant life on the planet. However, the “River Birds” section is the one that fascinated me.

This is basically the official website of the Catalonian museum, Museu Del Ter. To value the cultural heritage of Barcelona, the Museum opened its gates in June 2004. It was also considered as an important part of the river frontage of the city.

So, to document the various lives that exist in the river, the website provides in-depth sections of different categories of life in the river. You can find categories like “Riverside plant life”, “Macroinvertebrates”, “Fish”, “Amphibians, reptiles and mammals” and “Birds”.

Now, going through the different categories will provide you with information about the lives of the different species of animals living in the rivers. However, the “River Birds” section is the only section that provides an interactive UI on the website.

When you open the “River Birds” category, you will find a water-colour-picture-like image that includes all the river bird species. Now, just hover your mouse pointer on one of these birds and you will find out how that bird sounds in the wild. You will also get the regular name of the bird as well as its scientific name.

Apart from this interactive image, there is information about everything related to the river birds. There is information about migration, the migratory birds, the summer birds and the perennial birds. In the end, there is info about how climate change is affecting the lives of these bird species.

Well, it is not your usual site to surf through memes and random stuff. However, spending just 15 minutes on this website will enlighten you with something that you did not know. So, if you are bored with Netflix and memes already, just head here and check out the website to educate yourself with something new.

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