6 Ways to Share Your Location With Friends and Family

Still making endless calls to find out where everyone is every time you plan to go out? Still having to call your parents to tell them you have reached your destination safe and sound? If your answer is yes and you are looking for a batter way to make sure everyone in your family is doing fine, today is your lucky day. It’s 2016 and along with everything else that has changed, so has the way of letting people know where you are and vice versa. There is absolutely no need to call and let people know where you are anymore. The whole process has changed, all you need now is a decent smartphone, GPS and one of these apps.

Along with everything else that has changed, so has the way of letting people know where you are and vice versa. There is absolutely no need to call and let people know where you are anymore.

So without wasting much time on those calls, read on to find out the best ways to share your location with friends and family on iPhone or Android devices.

1. Glympse

Glympse is the perfect app  if you are planning a day out or heading to a new place and want someone to keep tabs on you. If you are heading somewhere, you can share your location information along with the destination and chose the amount of time you want it to be broadcasted. Once the timer runs out your location will automatically stop broadcasting, thought the time can always be increased or decreased as per your convenience.

Glympse map  Glympse share

Using Glympse you can share your location data with the people you want to.  You can post your location to social apps like Facebook and Twitter or share it via Messaging, Skype, WhatsApp, Gmail etc. One of the best things about it is that it lets you share Real-time locations along with estimated arrival times, and travel speed. And yes, you can always request location from someone else too.

Availability: Android, iPhone and Windows

2. GeoZilla

The name of this app may have been inspired by Godzilla but it actually functions to keep your friends and family safe. Using GeoZilla you can simply create different circles of friends, family, colleagues, etc. and keep tabs on everyone. You can make check-ins, locate your friends and relatives on the map at any moment and also have a private conversation with someone.


It has a special feature known as Geo Fencing wherein you will be notified every time someone leaves or arrives at a place. This app also allows you to see the location history of any member of your circle. So, I guess this is one for the close knitted family kind because not everyone may appreciate the full-time tab keeping service that this app offers.

Availability: Android and iPhone.

 3. Google+

Just for the formal introductions, Google+ is a social network that is owned and operated by Google. Apart from everything else it does, it also works as a decent location sharing service. It is one of the commonly used social networks and hence most of your friends and family should already be on it.


Just turn on location sharing and select who you want to share your location with, those people will be able to spot you on the map. You can invite people to turn on their location sharing if you want to see them on the map as well.

Availability: Android and iPhone.

4. GPS Location Tracker

GPS location tracker invite

The name pretty much explains this one. GPS Location Tracker is simply a GPS location tracker. The first thing you will need to do after installing this app is adding connections (friends and family). You can connect with your friends by sharing your code via Messaging, Email, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. or by simply entering a friends code yourself. After that its all smooth sailing, when you want to share your location just turn location sharing on and everyone you are connected to will be able to spot you on the map.

Availability: Android.

5. Life360 Family Locator

Life360 allows members of a family to keep tabs on each other in real time. Every member of a circle can easily spot everyone else on the map. You can also designate spots such as home or work and every time a member enters or leaves one of these spots everyone else is notified.

360 Family Locator

This app is probably the most safety oriented, to say the least. If a member turns off their GPS it is visible on the map, you can find a route to reach physically any member, you can end emergency alerts, and you can also view any member’s entire location history. Of course you can also create new circles with friends, siblings, etc.

If you have a snoopy girlfriend we suggest you keep this one to yourself, it might land you in trouble.

Availability: Android, iPhone and Windows.

6. Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family Locator is very similar to Life360 Family Locator, it functions in almost the same way and offers the same service. Members belonging to a group can quickly spot members with active GPS on the map just like any other GPS location service.  But, two things make this app unique.

Family Locator sygic menu  Family locator sygic

First this app not only allows you to create safe zones but also danger zones, and if a member enters or leaves a danger zone you can choose to be notified instantly. This feature is particularly useful for keeping tabs on kids. The second unique feature is the “Invisible” option available to the admin of a group, by using this option the admin can keep the family members from knowing that their location is being tracked. Otherwise, you first have to request the concerned member for their permission in this regard.

Availability: Android and iPhone.

It’s Great to be Informed

Now hopefully when you are planning for a day out, keeping tabs on your kids or simply checking in to some place you wont have to make unnecessary calls. Using any of the above-mentioned apps you can easily share your location with friends, chat with them or even send an SOS in the case of an emergency. Of course, we need to remind you that all of these apps work on GPS and without it, they will not function.

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With these apps making plans with your friends is easy and so is ensuring the security of your family. We hope you put them to the best of use.

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