Twitter aka ‘X’ Will Let Paid Subscribers Hide Their Verification Checkmark

Twitter aka X introduces a new feature for paid subscribers

We are sure that by now you are aware of Elon Musk’s ambitious move to rebrand Twitter. With the name of the microblogging site officially changed to “X,” there are several under-the-hood changes that the platform is going through as well. From the outside, the logo of the app is changed, your tweets are now known as posts, the platform is set to dark mode by default, and there’s more. And now to take these changes deeper than just visual upgrades, there is a new feature introduced for the platform’s paid subscribers. Keep reading to know more.

X Blue Subscription: Details

X (formerly Twitter) has announced via its Help Center that paid X Blue (Twitter Blue) subscribers will now be able to hide their verification checkmark from posts as well as from their profiles. The checkmark beside your username in your profile indicates your “paid” status on the platform. Now, if for any reason you do not want others to know about this, X is making it easier for you to do that.

However, do note that even when the checkmark is hidden, it may appear in some places (the Help Page does not specify where), revealing your status as an active paid subscriber. Also, some of the features that you are privy to as a paid subscriber might not function properly for you. To hide your subscription checkmark, head over to your Profile Customization page.

Apart from this, it seems like Twitter is also making live its ID verification feature for some users. If you can recall, Twitter announced ID Verification as part of its Legacy Verification Program. And it seems like this has started rolling out. X user Nima Owji was the first to spot this feature. As you can see above, the prompt “This account is ID-verified” appears on the user profile just below the Verified Since prompt.

As for the X Blue Subscription in India, it starts at Rs 900/month for iOS and Android users, and Rs 650/month for web users. There are other perks too. For instance, paid subscribers can enjoy a 1-hour window to edit posts, enjoy almost 50% fewer ads on the platform, create up to 25,000 character posts, select custom app icons, enjoy a dedicated Reader Mode, get access to an Undo Button, the ability to upload up to 3 hours long videos at 1080p with up to 8GB file size, and much more.

With that being said, what do you think of the hiding verification checkmark feature? Are you a paid X subscriber? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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