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Twitter’s Voice Tweets Coming to Android and Web Next Year

Twitter edit button feat.

Earlier in June, Twitter started testing voice tweets on iOS to let users record voice messages and share them as a tweet. The social media company has now expanded the availability of the feature to more users on iOS.

In response to user queries, Twitter clarified that the voice tweets feature is coming to Android and the web next year. However, the exact availability remains unclear for now. “Next year. We’re currently working on bringing this feature to Android in 2021…Same deal –– working on bringing this feature to web next year”, wrote the company in separate tweets.

In the tweet announcing the broader availability of voice tweets on iOS, Twitter also mentions that the company is working to add transcription on audio and video by early 2021. This way, you will see captions for these voice tweets and other videos as you play them.

According to Twitter, transcription capability is about to be added to make voice tweets more accessible. To accelerate the process, the company formed two new teams – the Accessibility Center of Excellence and the Experience Accessibility Team. While the former focuses on setting goals to make Twitter more accessible, the latter is formed to work with the product team on new and existing products.

Meanwhile, Twitter is also testing voice-based DMs. As the name suggests, the feature lets you send voice notes through Twitter DMs. The company is limiting the availability of the feature to Brazil for now. We could expect Twitter to globally expand voice DMs sometime in the future.

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