Twitter Is Officially Testing Notes for You to Post Longer Tweets

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Back in February, it was suggested that Twitter will soon allow people to write and post longer tweets. The feature again came to light recently and now, Twitter has made it official in the form of Notes. Twitter Notes is now being tested with a few writers and will come under a new wing called Twitter Write. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Twitter Notes Details

A small group of people will be able to see a new Write option on the left side of Twitter’s desktop version, which will enable them to produce long-form content, which can go up to 2,500 words. The title is restricted to 100 characters. Notes can also include pictures, GIFs, a header image, and more.

While select people will be able to use the feature, it can be easily viewed by most people via Note Cards. This will show up on your timeline as a tweet with Note previews and links. This is possible if you follow a person who can write Notes, a person who has tweeted a Note URL, or a person who has retweeted or Quoted a Note Card. The Notes will also have unique URLs, which will allow people to go through the content without the need for visiting Twitter.

You will also be able to share Notes. However, reacting or replying to them isn’t an option for now. Writers will also be able to edit the Notes if required. Plus, the tweets with the Notes URLs will be protected. Twitter has released an FAQ page for you to get all the clarity you need. You can check it out for more information.

The new ability will help will post longer content, especially when the 280-character limit can feel too less more often than not. Plus, there won’t be a need to create longer threads, which can become difficult to follow.

That said, we don’t know when Twitter Notes will reach more users. It is currently a test and Twitter wishes to get proper feedback to decide the fate of Notes. If and whenever it becomes official for all, we can expect some changes, which will mostly be improvements post feedback. We will keep you posted on more details about this. So, stay tuned and do share your thoughts on this new Twitter feature in the comments below.

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