Twitter Circle — an Instagram ‘Close Friends’ Clone Goes Official

twitter circle

Twitter has introduced Twitter Circle, which is its way of letting you share your tweets but with a small group. This feature is part of the microblogging site’s latest test and has now started rolling out to some users. This comes after Twitter’s attempt at an alternative timeline for “Trusted Friends” last year. Here’s a look at what all this is about.

Twitter Circle Is In Testing!

As per Twitter Safety’s Twitter handle, Twitter will allow you to add up to 150 people to its small “Circle”, so you can choose the people you want to share your tweets with.

If you’re wondering where you have heard this before, then this is similar to how you can stories and DMs with your “Close Friends” on Instagram. And similar to how you can choose your close friends on Instagram, you will get the same option for Twitter Circle if you are one of the few people to get access to it.

I was luckily able to use this feature. To see if you are part of the Twitter test list, you can simply tap the “compose tweet” option to get the option for creating a Twitter Circle. Twitter explains that once a Twitter Circle is created, only its members will be able to see and reply to the shared tweets. Plus, you will get an option to edit the Circle by adding or deleting people.

If you get the option and you want to go about it,

  • Just tap on the “Get Started” option, following which you will see how Twitter Circle works.
  • Now, you will see a list of your Twitter friends, which needs to be edited (you will have to add people to your Circle!).
  • Once done, you will see a green bubble while tweeting as an indication of it being shared with the selected set of friends.

You will also get to decide if you want to share a tweet with your Circle or with everyone. To reiterate, this test is for limited people and shall reach all users eventually. There are chances it may even get dumped if not well-received by people. So, how do find Twitter Circle? Do you think it is a useful addition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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