Truecaller’s New Spam Activity Indicator Lets You Know When Spammers Are Most Active

truecaller spam activity on android

Renowned Caller ID app, Truecaller, already enables you to see who’s calling you and steer clear of spam callers. The bright red pop-up notification is enough to tell you not to pick up a certain call. Truecaller is now perking up this feature with the rollout of a Spam Activity Indicator for Android users.

Spam Activity Indicator, as the name suggests, will give you more context for each and every number that’s marked as spam in Truecaller’s books. It will display the number of calls made using a spam number in the past 60 days, as seen in the image below. It is going to give you an exact idea of how active a spam caller is.

You will also see the total number of spam reports have been filed for a certain phone number recently. It will display a percentage increase or decrease, along with the time of the day that such spam callers are the most active. You will now see a time bracket for when users usually receive a call from a certain spammer. Where will you find all of this information, you ask? The Truecaller Android app will provide you this spam activity under the caller’s profile.

“By showcasing spam statistics, you can better judge if the name and the statistics determine giving the number a chance or not,” says the official blog post. Truecaller is working to display Spam Activity reports in the Live Caller ID (or fullscreen Caller ID if you have that enabled) that pops up when you receive a call.

If you simply want to check out the Spam Activity for a random number, you can surely head to Truecaller’s website to see the aforementioned statistics. It will help you make a better decision for picking up a call marked spam in the future. The service currently has more than 240 million active users and India is one of its biggest markets – due to the influx of spam callers.

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