Everything You Need To Know About Trilokpuri Riots In Delhi

Amidst the lights that enveloped entire Delhi on Diwali, one colony didn’t celebrate the festival as it should’ve.

In East Delhi, Trilokpuri woke up to the sounds of communal violence being flared up between Hindu-Muslim groups of their locality. Stones were pelted at each other by the groups. So much so, that section 144 had to be imposed in the locality.

Here’s a brief summarization as to why these riots took place in the first place:-

• A dumping ground that was converted into a mata ki chownki is believed to be the reason behind the protests.

• A local cleared the garbage dump under ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ initiative and made mata ki chownki to be used in Navratras for Block 20.

• Muslim groups were frustrated with garbage place being used for Jagrans in their locality.

• The group agreed that Hindu group took the permission for 10 days for the place to be used as a Jagran spot but they were there for more than 41 days.

• Hindu groups state that while they were at the stall, Muslim groups started throwing stones from their terrace accompanied with abuses.

• Muslim group, on the other hand, believe exactly the contrary and state that Hindus first lost their cool and pelted stones at them.

The tense calm that had been generated in the locality under section 144 (prohibiting people to assemble at a point) did no favours for those who went out to shop for the necessity goods for their family.

The prices of the following products that went up in Trilokpuri were as follows:-

  • Milk – Rs. 70/pouch
  • Water Bottle – Rs. 60
  • Potato – Rs. 80/Kg
  • Onions – Rs. 120/Kg
  • Kurkure (Small Packet) – Rs. 15

The devastation so caused in the locality is beyond repair. For anyone whose studied history; Trilokpuri is remembered for the atrocious attacks on Sikhs in 1984. The stains of that attack were still reeling for justice and these attacks have just added to the plight of people living in Trilokpuri.

Here are some pictures that’ll let you feel what it is like living in Trilokpuri currently.

Photos From Trilokpuri Riots In Delhi 1

Photos From Trilokpuri Riots In Delhi -2

Photos From Trilokpuri Riots In Delhi -3

Photos From Trilokpuri Riots In Delhi -4

Photos From Trilokpuri Riots In Delhi -5

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