These Are the Top 10 Worst Passwords of 2019

These Are the Top 10 Worst Passwords of 2019
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Splashdata has released its 2019’s list of the worst passwords one could possibly use and from the looks of it, it is apparent that people are still unaware of the potential security risks of using a weak password.

Comparing this list with last year’s list, nothing much has significantly changed. The top three worst passwords of last year were ‘123456’, ‘password’, and ‘123456789’ while this year, we got ‘qwerty’ occupy the third position.

Take a look at the top 10 worst passwords that you shouldn’t be using in 2019 below:

1. 123456
2. 123456789
3. qwerty
4. password
5. 1234567
6. 12345678
7. 12345
8. iloveyou
9. 111111
10. 123123

These generic passwords are so weak that it could be easily guessed by your neighborhood kid to gain access to your account or Wi-Fi without having any specific “hacker” or social engineering skills.

In case you’re wondering how a strong password should be, I would recommend you to set a password consisting of a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters.

While these passwords could be harder to remember, it is safer than using a password like ‘123456’ and potentially giving away your account. Using a password manager is recommended if you’re having a tough time remembering different passwords you set across various services on the internet.

If you’re unsure if your password is already out there in the hands of hackers through a security breach which happens quite often these days, I would suggest you run your email address on, a free service that lets you check if your account has been compromised already.

Check out the entire list comprising of 50 worst passwords here. So, are you guilty of using any of the passwords on the list? Switch to a strong password before telling us in the comments.

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