This Tool Converts Apple Card PDF Statements to CSV

This Tool Converts Apple Card PDF Statements to CSV
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Apple Card doesn’t natively offer you the ability to take out statements in the form of CSV files. Instead, the Cupertino giant offers transaction statements as PDF files. To bridge this gap, a developer has created a convenient tool that converts these PDF files to CSV files for seamlessly integrating with your Excel sheets.

To get started, download your Apple Card‘s PDF statement to your iPhone. This can be done from the Wallet app. Firstly, open the Wallet app and tap on Apple Card. In the screen that appears now, tap on Card Balance, choose the statement you need and tap on Download PDF Statement. Save the file by tapping on the Share button and choosing Save to Files.

Now, upload the downloaded PDF file here. The website will convert the file to CSV format and you can then simply import the CSV file to the budgeting solution of your choice. The tool works on PC as well.

It is worth noting that all the processing is done in the browser and no data is being transferred to servers. “I don’t want to see your financial statements, I don’t want the liability, I don’t have them on a server, I don’t want to deal with any of that headache”, Schmidt told CNBC.

The free version of the tool randomly removes one transaction per month. You can upgrade to the full version for $5. Apple may bring native data export feature later this year. The company’s Apple Card support page reads “The ability to export your Apple Card data to a financial app isn’t available yet”, hinting at a future availability. Until then, is your best bet.

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