Apple Card Should Be Kept Away from Leather or Denim, Warns Apple

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Apple Card, the premium credit card made of titanium by Apple in partnership with Goldman Sachs was launched for all US customers earlier this week. The Cupertino giant has added a support page that provides guidelines on how you’re supposed to clean your Apple Card if you have one.

The white finish that you see on the outer surface is made possible through a multi-layer coating process on top of titanium base and if your Apple Card comes in contact with hard surfaces, you’re more likely to get the coating damaged ruining the aesthetics of the card.

In case your Apple Card gets in contact with substances that may result in leaving stains, you should use a soft lint-free microfiber cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol. “Don’t use window or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean your titanium Apple Card.”, says Apple.

The most important point of the support article is that the card should not be put into direct contact with leather and denim which might cause permanent discoloration in the card. This means you can’t just casually place your Apple Card in your jeans pocket. They have also mentioned a few methods for you to safely store the card.

You can store your Apple Card in your usual places where you keep your credit/debit cards like wallet, pocket, bag but you should make sure that they are made of soft materials. Also, the card should not touch any other credit card when it is placed on a wallet.

Magnets are also a potential danger to Apple Card as the magnetic strip on the card could get demagnetized. With all these said, you must have guessed that you should never keep your card in a bag that contains coins, keys, or anything abrasive that could ruin your flawlessly designed Apple Card.

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