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When it comes to an organization, time is indeed the most important factor that is to be considered! However, it has to be noted that most companies find it hard to keep track of time management, especially when there’s a number of employees in the organization, including freelancers. Of course, we can’t keep ourselves in front of employees and make sure that they are doing their work in the perfect manner.

In this post, we have come up with an optimal solution for this problem of time tracking — Time Doctor. The tool, which is made for employees & employers, will also help professionals who are lazy enough to keep track of time they spend for finishing a project.

Here, we will have a detailed review of Time Doctor, covering different aspects of the service as well as Windows software. First of all, we shall have an introduction to the tool and its application level purposes as far as professionals are concerned.

Time Doctor — What it is all About

What do you think about having an assistant who can keep track of time you dedicate to work if you can tell him/her when you start working or decides to take a break? If you do not mind giving your employees such an assistant while you can have a dashboard that consists of every bit of information about works your employees have done, you have landed at the right place — Time Doctor.

Simply put, Time Doctor is a multipurpose tool that has two faces. From the employee’s point of view, Time Doctor lets him/her have a precise record of the amount of time he/she has used for finishing a particular work or works. On the other hand, from the employer’s point of view, employers will have a sufficient record of time usage and work statistics from different employees. And, they can use that record to decide how much the company has to pay, whether the employees are spoiling time by using ‘addictive’ sites such as Facebook or Quora.

Altogether, Time Doctor seems to be an awesome solution when it comes to time tracking. Now, we shall have an overview of how it is to use Time Doctor!

Using Time Doctor — The Employee or Freelancer

As one who would like to (or supposed to) keep track of time using Time Doctor, you have to create an account using the official website of Time Doctor; you have to follow the invitation link if you are registering the account as a part of an organization. Once you have finished the registration process, you have to install PC client of Time Doctor, after which you will be able to move on with the time management process.

After installation of PC client of Time Doctor, it is your task to sign in using the credentials after which an easy-to-use user interface will welcome you. Using that window, you will be able to keep track of your time usage by starting, pausing and finishing tasks on time. Along with the ability to give you information about total work hours, Time Doctor has a lot of features including deep analysis of time usage. So, for both who are interested and supposed to use Time Doctor, the service will be useful.

PC Client

Using Time Doctor — The Employer or Self-Analyzer

Simply put, Time Doctor gives employers a platform to understand working hours of employees in their organization, or freelancers he or she has hired. There are a number of features that help them grab a set of clear information that calculating payment, setting up payroll, analyzing effectiveness of employees etc will be a task of simplicity. Using its dashboard, you can have daily, weekly and monthly overview of work hours of employees in your organization. Well, we will have a detailed look on features of Time Doctor as we move forward with the review. Even without that, you can be quite sure that you will love to use Time Doctor as an employer.


User Interface

Throughout the application, Time Doctor has kept minimalistic approach towards User Interface. For example, we’d take the case of Windows Client of Time Doctor, which is quite intuitive in terms of design. Like, for example, when you have started working on a project or task, you can see a small section that will be present in the screen, showing time you have been working for, and quick buttons to take a break. Similarly, we found that the employer dashboard of Time Doctor is equally useful; when the primary dashboard gives us an overview of work hours of different employees of the organization, and it would be a great deal if you are using Time Doctor to track freelancers that you have hired for completing a project. So, Time Doctor will be something superb in terms of UI whether you are an expert or just a beginner.

Task Started

Features We Loved

  • Time Doctor has an in-built feature to help you get rid of common distractions that affect your productivity. When you start spending more time on those addictive stuff such as Facebook and chats, Time Doctor will prompt you, asking whether you are still indulged in the task. Also, once installed in a PC, Time Doctor will record what the user is doing during the working hours. So, you will be able to know how much time she or he has spent on specific tools or tasks, say chatting or email.
  • Time Doctor lets you take screenshots of work in given intervals so that you will have a clear idea about what the user has done so far. It is especially useful when you want to monitor design-based tasks, in which you might have to give suggestions after reviewing the work, even before it gets finished.
  • Integration section of Time Doctor is really impressive, as you can integrate the tool with popular task management solutions like Asana and integrate automated payroll system for workers, based on their per-hour rate and other factors.

Time Doctor Review Payroll Settings


Time Doctor has a simplified pricing plan for customers. You can grab the service by paying $9.99 per month per user. Simple as that!


Apart from an available-everywhere web-based interface, which gives you insights about work hours of your employees or yourself, Time Doctor is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Also, talking about the mobile apps, you can download apps for Android and iOS devices from corresponding app stores.

Our Verdict

Considering all what we have told so far, Time Doctor is indeed a great option for those who are concerned about keeping track of work hours, in case of both employees and employers. Particularly, we loved the UI of Time Doctor which makes things easier. And, we recommend all our readers to use Time Doctor if you are looking forward to have a solution that can increase your productivity.

Visit: TimeDoctor

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