TikTok’s Top 100 Report Shines Light on Best Memes, Creators and Trends

tiktok top 100 report featured

Much like this year’s YouTube Rewind, popular short video platform TikTok has published today the “TikTok Top 100” report. It can be seen as a year-in-review list that lists down the best creators (all-time viewed and breakout ones), memes, trends, viral videos, and more.

Starting off with the most viral video of 2019, YouTuber David Dobrik took the crown with his crazy large-scale Elephant Toothpaste experiment. It currently has over 17.4 million likes. He’s followed by a banana surgery and a swimming pool fail video (it’s so hilarious), which is sort-of a staple for short video platforms.

In 2019, TikTok also gave birth to a number of memes and became a trendsetter for new creators. Some of the most popular memes were #POV (showing off life from the POV of daily objects), #Area51 (we all know how that went), #DNAtest, #VSCOgirls, and others. Then, there were also creators who shot to fame on the platform in 2019. Some of these breakout creators include @zachking, @noeneubanks, and @jamescharles.

The company has also highlighted popular TikTok videos and creators from areas such as music, beauty and style, sports, pets, and dance trends. Are you familiar with the track – Old Town Road? Lil Nas X shot to popularity on TikTok with this very track and we are not going to skip on Mariah Carey, who has become the Queen of TikTok this year. Others like Will Smith, The Rock, Miley Cyrus also gained popularity on the platform.

“Watching videos on TikTok feels like you’re a part of something exciting and unexpected,” said Vanessa Pappas, general manager of TikTok North America and Australia in an official blog post. “There’s really no other platform that can create the same span of reaction and emotion. The TikTok Top 100 videos celebrate the ingenuity of this diverse community and all of the incredible content that made TikTok such a special place this year,” she added.

Also, if you were not aware, TikTok has clocked over 1.5 billion app downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store combined. This only further reaffirms the growth of the short video platform, which is said to have over 200 million users in India alone. Are you addicted to TikTok? Have you already watched the top TikTok videos in 2019? If not, visit this link right here to view the complete list of videos.

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