Have you ever had a Starbucks completely ruin your name? I think it’s some kind of universal law by now, and it’s not just Starbucks who is guilty of misspelling names on coffee cups.

We can forgive them a lot since they deal with so many people on a daily basis that getting the name wrong is probably their way of getting back at the world. Plus, your Starbucks visit is always more fun when you have to guess which mangled version of Akshay they will churn out this time. Or maybe you’re not as crazy as I am, but I’m quite there are more than a few who are. And there may also be some whose sole reason for a visit is to see the creative christening. Well, there’s an easier way to do that now, and without spending a dime on coffee, which, honestly, I find overrated.

Justin Hook, a coder has created a website called ‘What’s My Starbucks Name,’ and all it does is what it says in the URL — tells you your Starbucks name.

There’s just a single text-box, and a button; enter your name, click on the Starbucks cup-shaped button and voila! The results are obviously not accurate, but they sure are fun, check out some results I got:

Apparently, Voldemort can be rewritten as Venisha… who knew?
Also, Voldamort.
I will never understand how Akshay became Anny, but sure.
or how Akshay became Adry…

You can head over to the website and play around with your Starbucks name as well. Enjoy!