The Last of Us Part II Remaster for PS5 Is Coming in January 2024

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Even though it was launched over 10 years ago, The Last of Us series remains one of the best PlayStation franchises of all time. A sequel to the original followed up for PS4 owners in 2020. However, after what seems like a long wait, Sony finally announced an official remaster for The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation 5 owners today.

The official announcement came just a few hours after a PS Store leak that had partially revealed it. In a blog post detailing the game, Sony mentions that The Last of Us Part II remaster comes with a host of different improvements, including graphical fidelity, new game modes, and even behind-the-scenes features for that extra immersion.

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The remaster will come with native 4K output in Fidelity mode and a 1440p upscaled to 4K in performance mode for that extra smooth gameplay. There will also be increased texture resolution, improved shadow quality, animation sampling rate, and more.

The remaster will also come with shorter loading times and support for the Dualsense’s Adaptive Triggers. Naughty Dog promises the new graphical enhancements will significantly improve the gameplay experience of the remaster.

New Roguelike Mode, Lost Levels, and More

One of the biggest additions to the remaster is the addition of a new roguelike survival mode called “No Return.” Created to put TLOU players through the proverbial grinder, this mode will pit gamers against a variety of randomized encounters and experience the game’s combat through a fresh experience.

The new mode also unlocks characters that weren’t available to play before. Players will be able to customize their run and even compete in a global leaderboard. Naughty Dog plans to share more close to the launch date.

Besides the new roguelike mode, another much-requested entry is the “Guitar Free Play” mode, which will let gamers create their tunes through realistic controls. There will also be other unlockable instruments for even more experimentation.

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Image Courtesy: Sony

A new set of “Lost Levels” also make their entry into the remaster. These playable sequences were previously cut from the game and, while not fully finished, will give players some much-needed insight into what went about creating the game itself. There will also be embedded developer commentary along with bonus character and weapon skins for Ellie and Abby.

The Last of Us Part II Remaster: Release Date and Availability

The Last of Us Remaster will officially be released for PS5 on 19th January 2024. Pre-orders for the game will begin on 5th December 2023, both for the Standard Edition and a new W.L.F. Edition, which will only be available in select markets.

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PS4 owners have even more to look forward to as they will be able to upgrade to a digital version of the TLOU II remaster for just $10 at launch. PS4 players can even carry forward and import their previous saves.

As before, Naughty Dog has promised more information as the game edges closer to the release date. After waiting for so long, an official PS5 remaster for The Last of Us is finally here. How do you feel about it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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