Has Mother’s Milk Been Recast in The Boys Season 4? Answered

The Boys Season 4 has just dropped bringing back William Butcher and his boys. However, this time, there has been a slight change in leadership with Mother’s Milk or MM in charge of the group. As Mother’s Milk appeared on the screen, he looked very different from previous seasons of The Boys leading people to wonder if he has been recast. So, has Mother’s Milk been recast for The Boys Season 4, and is it a different actor appearing in the show currently?

Mother’s Milk Has Not Been Recast In The Boys Season 4

Has Mother’s Milk Been Recast in The Boys Season 4? Answered
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Even though it does not look like it, Mother’s Milk has not been recast for season 4 and it is still Laz Alonso playing the beloved character. He looks visually unrecognizable simply because he has shaved his beard and has lost some pounds to be in better shape.

Laz Alonso Weight Loss Reason

Even before the first season of The Boys was released, Laz Alonso had been very open about him trying to “Get back to his 20s” by getting into better shape in a Facebook post. He once again confirmed this by announcing that he was going on a calorie deficit to lose some pounds. So, it is still him, but thinner.

The actor has time and again hinted through social media posts and interviews that he wants to focus on maintaining a fit physique and this time he has succeeded in it.

Mother’s Milk is unrecognizable in The Boys Season 4 because he has lost considerable weight and mainly due to his shaved face. Rest assured, he’s the same badass Mother’s Milk that we saw in the first three seasons of The Boys.

Judging by the three episodes of The Boys Season 4 that have been released, it seems like M.O. might end up playing a pretty major role as compared to what he did in the previous seasons. So, let’s wait till The Boys Season 4 episode 4 drops, and till then, stay tuned!

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