The Boys Season 4: Is Frenchie Gay? Answered

The expectations from The Boys Season 4 are at an all-time high. However, as of now, with the three-episode premiere of the show, people have been slightly disappointed with how the story is being carried forward with some really unnecessary elements. One of the biggest out-of-the-place elements in Season 4 is Frenchie’s romantic arc and in this article. many show viewers are wondering whether Frenchie is gay. Let us know.

Frenchie Is Homosexual in The Boys Season 4

Frenchie is Homosexual in The Boys Season 4
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When I started watching The Boys Season 4, I was expecting to be hit with things I did not expect. However, even though The Boys did hit me with something unexpected, it was not in a good way. We get to see that Frenchie is a homosexual who has a history with a man named Colin. Now, to make it clear, I’m not saying this out of Homophobia but because of this ruining things that were being set up in the series.

In the show, Frenchie and Komiko were gradually being set up to be in a romantic relationship. However, this revelation has completely ruined the arc that was set in motion in the previous seasons.

In the previous season, we learned that Frenchie had also had physical intimacy with Cherrie. We have also seen him expressing his sexuality openly. In an earlier episode, he kissed Hughie, albeit in excitement and happiness.

What makes the fact that Frenchie is gay absurd is that we are four seasons down the show and this is the first time we have seen him explore the other end of the spectrum.

The Boys Season 4 is three episodes in as of now so let’s wait for the next episode to see if it gets better or not and I hope that it does. So, till the next episode drops, stay tuned with us for further updates!

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  • Jacob Fox says:

    There is no confirmation that Frenchie is homosexual. You leave out the complete possibility that he might be bisexual and thus it has no effect on the relationship between he and Kimiko.

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