The Boys: Hyperion Powers and Abilities

The Boys Season 4 premiered yesterday with the first three episodes of the series. In the first episode, we see Ashley presenting Homelander with names of potential candidates to join The Seven as new members. In the presentation, there was one candidate named Hyperion who caught the attention of people because of a similar and highly popular hero of the same name existing in Marvel comics. So, is this Hyperion a ripoff of the one in Marvel? If you missed the glimpse at the character, here are more details on who is Hyperion in The Boys and what are her powers and abilities!

Who is Hyperion in The Boys Season 4

Hyperion in The Boys is a supe who hails from Las Vegas and is the “1st runner-up (after Homelander) for sexiest supe alive”. If we talk about the actual identity of Hyperion, it has not been revealed by the series but looking at the presentation by Ashley all we can tell about her is that she is a supermodel as given in her “Appearances” section.

Hyperion has appeared in a couple of Vought TV shows or movies according to her profile shown on the screen.

The Boys: Hyperion Powers

What are The Boys Hyperion Powers
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The abilities and powers of Hyperion have not been explicitly given to us by The Boys but the presentation given by Ashley, tells us about her powers which are rather quite meh. Hyperion has super intuition, divine femininity, and fireproof hair. Along with that, she has training in martial arts, Rythmic Gymnastics and can use throwing knives. Hyperion has also received training from Black Noir Martial Arts Academy and one of her accomplishments is the Vought Modelling On-line course.

Is The Boys’ Hyperion the Same as Marvel Hyperion

As soon as Hyperion was presented by Ashley, a lot of people wondered if this Hyperion was the same as the one we have seen in Marvel Comics. Talking about Hyperion in Marvel comics, he is the exact model of DC’s Superman with a similar set of powers. However, Hyperion in The Boys is not a ripoff of Marvel Hyperion and is most probably just a minor character who might or might not appear in future episodes of the show. We’ll have to wait for The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 for more details.

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