12 Best Zombie Movies of All Time (2024)

Zombie movies are one of those horror genres that instill the most fear in me. This is because of one simple reason. In every zombie movie, it’s either an unknown virus humanity dug up, a failed science experiment, or a strain of virus mutating itself all of which, happen in real life as well which makes me feel that a Zombie apocalypse can happen in real life as well. If you feel the same, let me give you a list of the top 12 zombie movies of all time.

12. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (2015)
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If you have been a part of the Scouts in your schooling days, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse will tickle a different kind of nerve for you. This Zombie Comedy flick revolves around three friends who are the only guys still enrolled as the scouts at their school. However, when their town gets overrun by a zombie apocalypse, they are the last line of defense to contain the zombie infection. This movie is extremely fun to watch and you would not spend more than 5 minutes without having a good laugh. Even though this movie is R-rated I would highly recommend you to watch it if you are just looking for a good funny zombie movie.

11. Shawn of The Dead (2004)

Shawn of The Dead (2004)
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Shawn of the Dead is yet again a Zombie comedy movie revolving around a Zombie outbreak across the world. However, the movie is focused on a deadbeat British guy named Shawn, who works at an electronics store and lives with his best friend. The only good thing about Shawn’s life is his girlfriend who expects him to move forward in his life and grow up. However, when a zombie outbreak sends the whole of Britain down a sinkhole, Shawn embarks on a daring mission to save his girlfriend and her mom. This movie is the most British-stereotypical movie you can probably watch.

10. Valley of the Dead (2020)

 Valley of The Dead (2020)
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The concept of Nazi Zombies is not something very new but no matter how many times it is presented to us, it’s always equally entertaining. Valley of the Dead revolves around the Spanish Civil War when the influence of Nazis had started to come into effect in Spain.

This movie brings forward Jan Lozano, Captain of the Fifth Brigade as the lead protagonist who is forced to team up with his sworn enemies to combat hordes of Zombies created by a freak Nazi experiment. Valley of the Dead is filled with action sequences and some of the best action sequences I have ever seen in a Zombie movie.

9. #Alive (2020)

#Alive (2020)
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#Alive is one of the best zombie survival movies I have seen in a while. This movie takes place in  Seoul where an unknown virus starts turning people into violent cannibalistic zombies. Oh Joon-Woo is stranded in his apartment alone where his supplies are gradually running out along with the power and all networks. He survives for as long as he can but soon starts to give up on all hope unless he meets Kim Yoo-bin, another survivor with whom he fights to survive this nightmare.

8. Day of the Dead (1985)

 Day of the Dead (1985)
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Day of the Dead is one of the first zombie movies that became the torchbearer of everything related to the zombies we have today. This movie is a threequel to previously released movies, Night of The Living Dead(1968) and Dawn of The Dead(1978).

In this movie, we get to see a group of scientists, civilians, and soldiers being stranded in an abandoned missile silo waiting to be rescued by someone. However, tension keeps increasing with each passing day and soon the survivors become a greater threat to each other than the undead outside.

7. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of The Dead (2004)
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Created by the well-renowned director, Zack Snyder, Dawn of the Dead is a remake of the original movie released in 1978. Dawn of the Dead shows us a nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, and a salesman who have taken shelter in a mall when a zombie virus breaks out. However, soon zombies break into the mall and they all have to come together to fight for their survival.

6. Overlord (2018)

Overlord (2018)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Do you know what is better than regular zombies? Nazi WW2 Zombies. Overlord takes place on D-Day where a platoon of US Army soldiers is given the task of breaching the enemy lines to take down a radio transmitter in a fortified church.

However, when the soldiers start to proceed towards their objective, they find out that something much more sinister is going on as they have to fight off hordes of Nazi zombies. Overlord is by far the most criminally underrated zombie movie and you should definitely check it out.

5. Zombieland 1 and Zombieland 2 (2009 & 2019)

Zombieland 1&2 (2009&2019)
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If you are a fan of zombie comedy movies, you are missing out on the best zombie com ever if you have not watched Zombieland and its sequel. This movie brings us to a world where the Zombie apocalypse has already destroyed most of the world and one guy who goes by the name of Columbus has made himself a set of rules that has kept him alive however, he is forced to go against this rule when he teams up with a group of people resulting in an epic and fun-filled adventure.

4. Peninsula (2020)

Peninsula (2020)
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Peninsula takes place in a devastated South Korea which became the victim of a zombie outbreak four years ago. A band of mercenaries takes up a job to fetch $20,000,000 stuck in a truck on the streets of Incheon. However, even though this city was thought to be completely abandoned some people were living a barbaric life who threatened the completion of the mercenaries’ mission.

3. Train to Busan (2016)

Train to Busan (2016)
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Peninsula takes place in the same universe as Train to Busan and is a sequel to it. Train to Busan shows us how the zombie outbreak began in Korea and follows a father who was taking his daughter to visit her mother. However, on their way, the Zombie outbreak happens leaving them stranded in a moving train. Train to Busan is by far the most touching Zombie movie I have ever watched and if you have not seen it, you definitely should.

2. 28 Days Later (2002)

World War Z (2013)
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28 Days Later, shows us a group of animal activists who free a caged chimpanzee infected with a virus dubbed “Rage” resulting in an outbreak of this virus. Jim, a courier delivery boy wakes up from a coma after a month of this incident only to find his beloved city, London, totally abandoned. When a group of infected people attacks him, he is rescued by Selena and Frank, and joins them in the battle for survival while traversing on a journey to a place they think is safe.

1. World War Z (2013)

World War Z (2013)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

World War Z might just be the most scientifically sound zombie movie out there with a captivating and very well-put-together storyline. This movie revolves around Gerry Lane, a former UN Investigator who gets stranded amid a Zombie outbreak with his family, only to be rescued by his former employer. To ensure the safety of his family, he agrees to go on a mission to find the source and cure of this rapidly spreading virus.

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