Tesla Plans to Use Laser Instead of Wipers in its Cars

Tesla Plans to Use Laser for Cleaning Windshields

Popular electric car maker Tesla has filed a patent for a “pulsed laser cleaning” system. This essentially refers to advanced windshield wipers that operate using laser beams for cleaning the glass.

According to the patent, the system will automatically detect dirt in the glass and will clean them with this laser-powered mechanism. The company has plans to implement the system on its solar panels and roof tiles as well.

The patent notes that the current methods that involve spraying soap solutions in the glass yields to unproductive time as it requires waiting for the glass to dry for perfect visibility. It also promises that this new implementation won’t damage other components or hurt people inside the vehicle.

“The cleaning apparatus may be installed as a modular device in a vehicle and may be installed as a modular device in a vehicle and may provide a contactless means to clean different glass articles, for example, windshields, in-vehicle camera lenses, side windows, rear-view mirrors,” states the patent.

With this patent, it is safe to assume that Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck would come equipped with this laser wiper technology. For now, we will have to wait until next year to see how things turn out.

Tesla has a track record of open sourcing patents for the betterment of the world. Judging by this history, we could see the electric car giant open-source this patent as well for more carmakers to embrace the technology if these laser-based wipers work as intended.

So, what are your thoughts on the concept of using laser beams as a replacement to traditional wipers? Tell us in the comments.

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