Telegram Premium with Exclusive Stickers and Reactions Is Now in Beta

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With an aim to monetize its popular messaging platform, Telegram now has a subscription service with exclusive and paid features for users. This arrives as a part of Telegram’s latest iOS beta and comes in addition to ad-based messages and premium features that were announced as part of the platform’s strategy back in 2020. Here are the details.

Telegram Beta Now Has Premium Stickers and Reactions

Telegram, as part of the iOS beta version 8.7.2, has introduced exclusive stickers and reactions, as per the Telegram Beta Channel. This is the first time the Telegram Premium subscription has appeared.

It is revealed that these exclusive stickers and reactions won’t be visible to a free user and have been put behind a banner, which asks users to “Unlock additional reactions and premium stickers.” People who want to get access will have to sign up.

However, there’s no word on the subscription plan’s pricing and availability details as of now. As per a report by Android Police, the list of stickers and reactions include a crying duck sticker, a clown reaction, a thumbs down reaction, and a lot more. You can check out what all is included here.

telegram premium stickers and reactions
Image: Android Police

It is said that Telegram Premium will initially be available for iOS users and will eventually reach Android users too. That said, we still don’t know when this subscription service with premium features will reach the general audience.

Telegram’s attempt at monetization is similar to how other social media platforms have come with their models. Earlier last year, Twitter introduced the Blue subscription plan with exclusive and paid features, including the undo button for users.

We are still awaiting more details on this and it remains to be seen what all Telegram features will come under the “paid” section and which ones remain free. We will keep you posted on such details as more details appear. Hence, stay tuned and let us know your thoughts about Telegram’s paid subscription service in the comments below.

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