TeamViewer Now Supports Full Remote Control of All Devices Running Android 7+

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TeamViewer has long been the go-to app for remote support on Windows PCs, but the company behind the software also has an Android app that offers remote access on mobile phones. Until recently, though, it didn’t support all Android devices, nor did it offer the ability to fully control smartphones remotely unlike on PCs. However, both those shortcoming are now largely a thing of the past following the latest update to TeamViewer’s QuickSupport app.

According to the company, its universal add-on app now supports virtually all Android devices running 7.0 Nougat and above. Some of the leading manufacturers supporting the TeamViewer API include Google (Pixel), Xiaomi, Oppo and more. Another notable change is that the QuickSupport app now offers the ability to fully control an Android device remotely. Until now, the app only supported screen-sharing on most devices.

Screenshots Courtesy: TeamViewer

Being able to control a smartphone remotely is especially important during the current scenario when it would be inadvisable to visit relatives or friends to fix their devices. To control Android phones remotely, both users will have to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on their respective handsets. Thereafter, each device will have to either install a dedicated TeamViewer add-on for their manufacturer or the universal add-on that covers all devices with no dedicated add-on.

The expanded support for the universal add-on is a welcome change that should make it easier for you to help your grandparents fix their smartphone issues. So have you tried the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on Android? If not, you can start right away by downloading it from the Play Store. Of course, you’ll also need the TeamViewer Universal add-on to get started.

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  • Bobby Wasabi says:

    Article is false. Teamviewer does not connect to any Android device. In fact any device with Android TV cannot be used for remote control.

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