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100 million PCs still run Windows 7

Windows 7 Still Powers at Least 100 Million PCs and Laptops: Report

The 14th of January will mark the first anniversary of Microsoft ending the extended support for its ever-popular Windows 7 OS. The Redmond giant...

Google Extends Support for Chrome on Windows 7 Until January 2022

Revising its initial plans to drop Chrome support for Windows 7 by July next year, Google has extended the deadline by 6 months. According...
YouTuber running win 7 on iphone 12 pro feat.

Watch This YouTuber Run Windows 7 on an iPhone 12 Pro

Loyalists from the Apple community have always tried different customizations for iOS devices since pre-iOS 14 times. However, as Apple strictly prohibits running custom...

Windows 7 Bug Doesn’t Let Users Shutdown Their Computers; Here’s the Fix

Microsoft officially discontinued support for Windows 7 last month but it appears like Windows 7 issues won't let them be done with the operating...

Windows 7 Meltdown Patch Reportedly Creates Major Vulnerability

Microsoft started releasing its Spectre and Meltdown patches at the beginning of 2018 and the company was considerate enough to release patches for Windows...