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Tencent hiring a pokemon consultant feat.

Tencent Is Looking for a “Pokemon Consultant” to Develop a New Switch Game

Were you that kid in school who owned every Pokemon collectible and watched the show on Cartoon Network religiously? If yes, then I have...

PUBG Corp is Distancing Itself from Tencent to Get PUBG Mobile Unbanned in India

A few days after the Indian government banned the popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile in India, the owner of the game, PUBG Corp....
pubg mobile - 16 year old dies

Tencent Says It Will Work with the Government to Revoke PUBG Mobile Ban

Following the ban on PUBG Mobile, the game's publisher, Tencent Games, says it wants to work with the Indian government to revoke the decision....

Black Shark Announces Partnership With Tencent Games

Xiaomi's gaming sub-brand, Black Shark, has announced a partnership with Tencent Games to "explore innovation in gaming, both in terms of software and hardware"....

Tencent, Qualcomm Sign Strategic Partnership For Future Gaming Projects

Chinese tech giant, Tencent, and US chipmaker, Qualcomm, have announced a strategic partnership that they say will deliver premium gaming content and experiences to...

PUBG Mobile Will Get Prime Subscriptions With Upcoming 0.10.0 Update

While the original PUBG game may have lost its charm amidst battle royale competitors, the PUBG Mobile phenomenon is still going strong and could...