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Gaming Phones Will Make Up 6.5% of India Market By 2021: CMR Report

Riding on the growing popularity of advanced mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, gaming smartphones are projected to reach 1.8 per cent...

Razer Launches Razer Phone 2018 Gold Edition to Celebrate the Spring Festival

Razer made a splash in the market with the launch of the Razer Phone towards the end of last year. The device was built...
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Razer Phone Gets Netflix HDR, Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio and More with New Update

Razer is pushing out a new firmware update to its gaming-centric Razer Phone. The phone's display, which is already quite popular for its 120Hz...
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Razer’s Project Linda Rumoured to Be Launching with ‘Razer Phone 2’ Later This Year

Razer's venture into the flagship smartphone segment - the Razer Phone - received a lot of attention and appreciation worldwide. The top-notch hardware -...

Razer Project Linda: Fantastic and Intriguing, but There’s Still Something Missing

Not content with its gorgeous gaming laptops and even the gaming-centric Razer Phone, Razer has surprised everyone with a new prototype called Project Linda....
Razer's One Ups Samsung's DeX Dock with Project Linda Prototype

Razer’s Project Linda Transforms Your Razer Phone into a PC

CES 2018 is off to a great start, but Razer has somehow managed to steal the show again! This time with a prototype phone-laptop hybrid....
Here Are The Games Which Support Razer Phone’s 120 Hz Display

Here Are The Games Which Support Razer Phone’s 120 Hz Display

When Razer launched its first phone, it shook the entire smartphone industry by not following the trend of slimmer and smaller phones. Instead, Razer,...
60Hz v 120Hz

120Hz vs 60Hz Displays: What’s The Difference?

Recently, with the launch of the iPad Pro and the Razer Phone, 120Hz displays are starting to enter the smartphone market. After already gaining...
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Razer Phone Has A Theme Store, Powered by Sony’s OMS Theme Engine

When Razer announced plans to make a phone, we were a bit skeptic, considering the poor run of gaming phones in the past (Xperia...
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1337 Special Edition Razer Phones: What’s The Story Behind This Number?

Razer recently unveiled its Razer Phone, which is easily shaping up to be one of the best smartphones of the year. The Razer Phone...
Razer Phone Might Just Be The Best Android Smartphone

Razer Phone Might Just Be The Best Android Smartphone I’ve Seen So Far

Razer is a highly reputed brand that's synonymous with PC gaming. A couple of days ago, the Singaporean-founded American company shook the entire mobile...
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Razer Phone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Razer, as a gaming brand has gained quite a reputation over the past several years. They've made some excellent peripherals for gamers like headsets,...