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Opera for Android Brings a New Night Mode with Latest Update

Opera for Android has rolled out a new update that brings, among other things, a new and improved night mode to make viewing web...

Opera Unveils World’s First Browser with Built-in Crypto Wallet

With cryptocurrency and tokens continuing to be one of the most popular ways of starting new businesses these days, users will need a secure...
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Opera Has Filed For $115 Million US IPO

Popular browser maker Opera, which was bought by a Chinese Consortium back in 2016, has filed for an initial public offering in the U.S...

Latest Opera for Android Update Brings Themes, Night Mode & More

Opera for Android is a great browser alternative if you're fed up of Chrome eating up all your free memory. The browser is also...

Opera Touch Simplifies One-Handed Browsing, Works With Opera Flow Sync

Opera is one of the most widely used mobile browsers, thanks to its neat interface and variety of versions of various devices. It also...
Opera to include in-built cryptocurrency mining protection to thwart shady websites

Opera to Include Cryptocurrency Mining Protection to Thwart Shady Websites

The rise of cryptocurrencies might be good for paving the way for a decentralized economy, but the technology has also given birth to a...

How to Get the Old Spotify Web Player Interface

There are two types of people: those who don't mind when an app or a service changes its interface, and those who are very...
5 Things to Love in the Opera Neon Browser

5 Things to Love in the Opera Neon Browser

Today, Opera showcased its fresh take on the web browser and unveiled a new browser dubbed Opera Neon for Windows and macOS. Based on...

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