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Airtel Introduces 300Mbps Home Wi-Fi Plan With Monthly Tariff of ₹2,199

Airtel Urges Indians to Try All Networks to Find the Fastest Data Speeds

Airtel, which launched India's first 4G network, has always been upbeat about its network being the fastest. Sasha Chetri, who became known as "the...

India Ranks 109th In Terms of Mobile Data Speeds, Reports Ookla

Internet speeds in India have barely moved out of a dreadful state - Mukesh Ambani recently shared how his daughter's struggle with slow internet...
Speedtest Featured

Ookla Rolls Out Revamped Speedtest App for Android

Ookla's Speedtest, the most popular internet speed testing app, has received a major redesign in line with the updated web UI. The latest release...